Ceremonial Grade Matcha and Culinary Grade Matcha

Culinary Grade and Ceremonial Grade, do those 2 grades of Matcha taste different?

Yes! Absolutely different.

By comparing the two grades of Matcha manufactured by the same company, Ceremonial Grade Matcha is sweeter than Culinary Grade Matcha. But I’m not sure if everyone loves Ceremonial Grade Matcha more than Culinary Grade Matcha. Especially, considering that Ceremonial Grade Matcha is far more expensive than Culinary Grade Matcha.

When comparing the two grades of Matcha from the same manufacturer, Ceremonial Grade Matcha tastes more mild and delicate than Culinary Grade Matcha. Culinary Grade Matcha has a strong kick of bitterness.

Taste Check #1: the Japanese Traditional Way

First, I prepared each of them in the Japanese traditional way.

matcha foaming texture

I could foam ONLY Ceremonial Grade Matcha very nicely and it tasted smooth. On the other hand, Culinary Grade Matcha tasted rough and way too bitter.

Taste Check #2: Iced Matcha-Latte

Next, I prepared iced Matcha-Latte using them.

iced matcha latte

Iced Culinary Grade Matcha-Latte tasted wonderful even if I’ve put the same small amount of Matcha powder that I used to make Iced Ceremonial Grade Matcha-Latte. On the other hand, iced Ceremonial Grade Matcha-Latte tasted too weak for me(I need to put more powder to be satisfied! $$$).

Recommendation by Kansai Chick

Based on these results and my budget, I recommend “Culinary Grade Matcha” to you,

  • if you’re planing to add some sweetner, cream or milk to Matcha when you drink it.
  • if you’re able to handle strong bitterness.

On the other hand I recommend “Ceremonial Grade Matcha” for you,

  • If you want to drink Matcha straight.
  • If you want to drink Matcha in the Japanese traditional way.
  • If you can not handle strong bitterness.

Do you know which Matcha suit you now?

For the people who want to choose the grade by the health benefits, additional information can be found here!

 Health Benefits of Matcha: What are effects of Theanine and Catechin?


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