Kanji shirts look cool! Some people buy it only for the look without knowing what it says. It’s tough indeed for foreigners to figure out what the Japanese kanji word means when they find one on the shirt.

If you want to know what it says, just ask me KansaiChick!(*’▽’)☆

What does my kanji shirt say? I just got this shirt recently for my birthday.

kanji shirt

OK, let me see….(@_@))))

OMG, it says 野蛮人! Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!

This word is mainly considered a negative term that was born from prejudice against foreigners.

Barbarians such as pirates and bandits can be called 野蛮人(yaban-jin), but in the olden days, Japanese people called foreigners that way, just like European immigrants called native American people “savages”. I know. People today know that is very wrong.

I’m sorry that your shirts doesn’t say a cool word…! (-_-;)

So, why did they make this shirt? Is it a bad joke that makes people look bad?

Well, maybe, maybe not! This is just my guess though, the creator might have wanted to write “Wild Man”, “A cool person who has a wild charm” or something. Because I found that “野蛮” was also translated as “wild” in a dictionary.

kanji shirt mistakes

So, possibly the designer, who doesn’t know Japanese language, had accidentally chosen 野蛮 for “Wild” and 人(person) in order to say “Wild Man” like the cool guy in the picture above. Unfortunately, the word 野蛮人 means totally different thing though!! (+_+)

In Japanese language, when you want to talk about somebody who has a wild charm, you should use the adjective 野性的な.

  • 野性的な(魅力のある)男性: wild man
  • 野性的な目をした人: a person with wild eyes

Well, if I would make a funny/cool shirt, I may choose the word “野性”. But that’s funny. Because it sounds like I’m calling myself a bigfoot. Ha ha ha!


Anyway, thanks again! Enjoy your kanji shirt, ummm, if you don’t mind know that you know it’s meaning!(^_^;)


Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Rebellious Phase”! If I give a funny shirt to my friend, this is it! lol

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