Chunin Exams are starting soon!

Look like all main characters for BORUTO got Chunin applications. That’s so fast. I thought they stay Genin for a long time like Naruto’s generation, but maybe not.

The Meanings of Kanji on the Chunin Application

It’s a very “Naruto World” design stuff. I don’t see any forms and it looks more like a flyer.

First of all, the kanji in the circle is “忍 (shinobi)”. If you are a returning reader of this blog, you may know what it means already. Yes, that kanji means “Ninja”. Ninja usually call themselves “忍 Shinobi”.

And the big black kanji in the middle is “中 (chuu / chu)”. Yup. That’s the Chunin’s chu. In Japanese, the set of words which means “High, Middle, Low” is “上中下 (jou / chuu / ge)”. I bet they sounds familiar to you because they constantly using those words in the show; like the word “上忍 (jounin / johnin / jonin)”.

The kanji in the right up corner is “志 (shi / kokorozashi)” which means “Will” or “Motive”. The common idioms are “大志 (taishi: Ambition)” and “志願 (shigan: Volunteering / Desire)”.

So, this is the application for the 下忍(Genin) who wants to be a 中忍(Chunin). It makes sense.

However, the red square that looks like a stamp, seems to be a gibberish. Big square reddish orange stamp which is called “角印(kakuin)” is very formal way to proof that the document is official.

Let’s hope they pass the exams!

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