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On-line or at the market, we can find many miso paste products. In this page, Kansai Chick will give reviews of miso paste that found at the local market.

There is also a lot of useful information and FAQ about miso paste in this website. If you are interested in the details, please follow the links below.

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Hikari Organic White Miso Review

hikari miso white miso paste

hikari miso organic white miso paste nutrition facts label

This is a white miso paste of Hikari Miso. Hikari Miso is a Japanese miso manufacturer which is focusing on selling organic miso paste overseas. Along with the red miso, I often see this product online in America.

The color is lighter than some white miso pastes of other manufacturers. The taste is gentle and mellow. If you like enjoying the natural sweetness of soybeans, I recommend this product. Personally, I like the miso soup made of this miso paste and natural kelp Dashi soup stock best.

This miso paste is organic. So, there may be a risk that mold grows more easily than regular miso paste. However, i have personally not noticed any sign of this through personally use. When using it, I always make sure to scoop with a clean and dry spoon and I keep the container refrigerated properly.

What is the plastic piece on the inner lid of this miso paste? That’s a vent. The real organic miso doesn’t contain any additives. The common additive for miso paste is alcohol for stopping fermentation and disinfecting unwanted bacteria. That means miso paste keeps producing gas by fermentation, and it needs a vent to avoid that the container expands.

I see “Yeast” and ”Koji Culture”in the ingredients list but it seems to be up to the manufacturer to declare the bacteria for fermentation.

Kansai Chick Recommendation Rate:
5 stars

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Marukome Boy Awase Miso Paste Review

marukome boy awase miso paste

awase miso label

This is a miso paste of Marukome Miso. Marukome is one of the most famous miso manufacturer in Japan.

This “AWASE” miso paste is a mixture of rice-koji miso, wheat-koji miso and soybean-koji miso. And also it contains Dashi soup stock. According to the ingredients list, there are Bonito(fish) and Kombu(kelp) soup is in it.

This miso is very moist and it’s very easy to dissolve it in hot water. It contains Dashi soup stock, so it becomes miso soup just by dissolving it in hot water. This is a strong ally of people who doesn’t like cooking much or who has no time to cook.

The product size is 26.5oz(750g). People who make miso soup only for occasionally, may feel that it is a little too big.

Kansai Chick Recommendation Rate:
4 stars

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Hanamaruki Soybean Paste Red Type Review

hanamaruki soybean paste red type

hanamaruki red label

Hanamaruki is a well-known Japanese miso manufacturer. I bought this red miso paste to compare with the white miso paste from same brand. The container is nicely small and easy to finish up. The additive is only ethyl alcohol.

Red miso paste is less moist and it’s harder to dissolve than white one. The flavor is rich and strong. It’s a typical miso flavor that people imagine. Even when mixing it with mayonnaise or something to make a marinade or a dip, the stronger flavor remains compared to white miso paste.

Kansai Chick Recommendation Rate:
3 stars

Hanamaruki Soybean Paste White Type Review

hanamaruki white

hanamaruki white label

Hanamaruki is a well-known Japanese miso manufacturer. I bought this white miso paste to compare with the red miso paste from same brand. The additive is only ethyl alcohol.

The color seems to be darker among white miso pastes. However, it still has the characteristic sweetness of soybeans and that is common for white miso paste.
When compared to white miso paste of Hikari Miso, the flavor of this miso feels stronger.

Kansai Chick Recommendation Rate:
3 stars

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