Place the Rice Crackers

Rice crackers are yummy, but they go stale easily because of the humidity. In this page, you will learn how to revive stale crackers and let them get their crispy texture back. 

Before deciding to toss away stale crackers, please try this trick! All you need is a microwave-safe plate and a paper towel.

Step 1. Place the Rice Crackers

Place the stale rice crackers along the edge of the microwavable plate. Don’t let them touch each other as possible and make sure leave the gap between crackers and plate.

Place the Rice Crackers2

If you do so, the steam that will come out from crackers, will NOT get trapped between the plate and crackers. Placing a piece of paper towel between them also helps.

small crackers

If your rice crackers are small, place a piece of paper towel over the plate and spread them on it.

Step 2. Warm Them Up with the Microwave

Warm Them Up with the Microwave

Warm them up enough with the microwave. The ideal goal, in temperature, is right before they get burnt. Particularly, sweet crackers will get burnt easily, so be careful.

Try 20 seconds first. Then, try additional 10 to 15 seconds as necessary.

If you enjoy burnt soy sauce flavor, you can allow them to burn a little. Slightly burnt crackers are still edible.

Slightly burnt crackers
Right: Slightly Burnt Cracker

Step 3. Cool them Off

This is the most important process to getting the rice crackers “crispyness” back.

Take out the plate from the microwave and immediately transfer all crackers onto a new piece of paper towel. A metal rack will also work for big crackers.

Cool them Off

Then, leave them until they get cool off. The warmed moisture inside of the crackers will dry up naturally.

This trick also works for regular crackers too. So, please give it a try!

stale rice crackers