Happy Halloween! Today I’ll answer the perfect question from a follower for Halloween Day. It’s about…zombie girls…! By the way, they look like regular people when they wear the special make up.

Japanese kanji meanings in Anime

Some Girls in “ZOMBIE LAND SAGA” are wearing Kanji T-Shirts. What do they say? 

Thank you for the question!

Let me see…oh, OK. I see 2 girls are in Japanese Kanji Shirts. But I’ll explain all of girls’ just in case!

#1 Sakura Minamoto’s T-Shirt

Do you see “1” on her shirt??

Actually, this main character Sakura’s shirt was the most tricky one for me. Because they forget to write the number on her shirt constantly…! Boo!

#2 Saki Nikaidou’s T-Shirt

OK, Sakura is “1”, and…? Yes, Saki’s shirt says “2” in Japanese Kanji!! However, this kanji “弐” is difficult version of “二” which is usually used today in Japan.

Saki is a tough girl and she used to be in a gang. Japanese gangsters tend to think certain kanji “Cool”. I think that’s why her number is in kanji.

#3 Ai Mizuno’s T-Shirt

Japanese kanji meanings in Anime

Now you know the word on the girl’s shit is a number. Ai is 3. This is easy one.

#4 Junko Konno’s T-Shirt

Japanese kanji meanings in Anime

Junko’s shirt is a kind of hard to see but I’m sure there is a number. So, I can tell it’s “4” under the bow.

#5 Yuugiri’s T-Shirt

Japanese kanji meanings in Anime

There is another Kanji Shirt! “伍” is difficult version of “五” and both of them mean “5”. Yuugiri is from the oldest era in 6 girls. Regular numbers like 1, 2, 3,…are used in Japan today but kanji numbers were more common when she was alive.

#6 Lily Hoshikawa’s T-Shirt

Japanese kanji meanings in Anime

Lily is #6! Do you see her number?? It says “ろく”.

ろく (roku) means “6” and kanji version looks like this “六 (roku)”. “ろく” is just written in Japanese Hiragana script, based on the pronunciation of the word. Hiragana script is sometimes used by kids when they don’t know how to write the word in kanji.

I think that’s why little Lily’s number is written like this. To look cute.

#0 Tae Yamada’s T-Shirt

At last, legendary Tae Yamada’s shirt! Hers says “ゼロ (zero)”. This is written in Japanese Katakana script. Her number is 0.

Did you notice ゼロ sounds like “0” that you know? Because it’s an originally English word! In Japanese, words that got adopted from other countries, are often written in Katakana script.

0 is 零 (rei) in kanji and we can pronounce 0 “rei” in Japan. But calling it “zero” is also very common.

I hope this page helps you all to understand more details of those cute zombies!(*´▽`*) Thank you for the question!


Today’s Japanese Kanji Shirts are cute versions of “Love” and “Peace”! I think they look great even on the zombie girls.

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