Japanese Kanji explanationDo you watch “Shokugeki no Soma(食戟のソーマ)”? I bet you do because you are reading this page!

I’ll explain about Japanese kanji “食戟” today.

What is Shokugeki (食戟)? What does it mean?

Japanese Kanji explanation

Shokugeki is a cooking battle in the popular Japanese anime show “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”. This term exist ONLY in this show. Even in Japan, nobody understands this word unless he or she is a fan of the show.

In the culinary art school Totsuki (遠月学園), they call serious cooking battles between cooks “Shokugeki”. Usually they bet stuff on the battle and they compete each other to win it.

Japanese Kanji 食戟 (Shokugeki)

Japanese Kanji explanation

The first kanji “食” related to “food”. Japanese word examples with this kanji are “食べ物(tabemono): food”, “食品(shokuhin):foodstuff”, “食べる(taberu): eat”.

However, I didn’t know the second kanji until I watch this show! I was born in Japan and grew up there but I had never seen this kanji “戟”. So, I looked it up in dictionaries.

…OK, “戟” means “Halberd”!
…Hal…what? ( ゚Д゚)

Do you know halberd? It is a weapon like a combination of a spear and an ax.


Now you know the specific image of the word presenting that “Duel between Cooks”!


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