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Today I will write about the Japanese kanji and culture that I found in the Japanese popular Anime show “Black Clover” for my rehab.

The Star Festival is coming up! And the captain Yami dressed up for it. I see some kanji here on his outfit.

What does the Japanese Kanji Word on Yami’s Festival Outfit Mean?

Japanese kanji meanings Black Clover

It says “暴れ牛 (abareushi)”. This is a noun that stuck two words together.

暴れる(aba-reru: Go Wild, Rampage, Rage) + 牛(ushi: Cow, Bull, Cattle)

Japanese kanji meanings Black Clover

If you watch this show in Japanese with a subtitle, you may notice that they call their team “黒の暴牛 (kuro-no-bougyuu)” The word 暴牛 is another way to say “暴れ牛”.

“Black Bulls” could be the English translation that you remember. But the true meaning of the team name is more like “Black Outrage Bulls” or “Black Raging Bulls” or something like that. You can imagine the crazy gang that nobody can control like a group of wild bulls.

Japanese kanji meanings Black Clover

This blue costume is called “半被 (happi)” and it’s one of the typical festival outfits in Japan. Even today, some core 祭(matsuri: Festival) fans wear these costumes only for the festivals.

However, “fundoshi” guys are very rare. I’m talking about the underwear Yami is in. Fundoshi (褌) is an ancient Japanese men’s underwear. It’s basically a long white or red cloth wrapping up the bottom. It looks like a thong from the back.Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ

Japanese kanji meanings Black Clover

The Star Festival and Japanese Kanji

The Star Festival is “星果祭 (seikasai)” in Japanese. As you know about it, that festival is celebrating the result of the stars that all teams earned in the year.

Japanese kanji meanings Black Clover

The first kanji 星 (hoshi, sei) of “星果祭” means “Star”. The second one 果 (ka, ha-tasu) means “Fulfill”. And the third one 祭 (matsuri, sai) means “Festival”. That sounds right, doesn’t it?

But there is one more thing.

Japanese kanji meanings Black Clover

They put the kanji 星 in the name of the festival, because it’s about the stars. The festival name 星果(seika) is a made-up word only for this show. But a real Japanese word “seika” exists!

It’s 成果 (seika).

This word means “Achievement” or “Result”. They replaced one kanji to 星 because it can be pronounced the same way “sei”. Now it sounds and looks like a double meaning word. (*’▽’)☆

Japanese kanji meanings Black Clover

Let’s enjoy the festival and Yami’s butt. lol

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