Season 3 of “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア) ” is currently airing! Today I’ll answer the question about Japanese kanji from a viewer! Thank you for contacting KansaiChick!!

I see so many white papers around the desk in Kirishima’s dorm room. What do they say? 

Right! Deku and friends moved into the dorm!

…and THIS is the Kirishima’s room in Episode 51 you are talking about.

I see. There are 4 small white signs. Let me explain one by one!

Meanings of Kanji Signs in Kirishima’s Dorm Room

The top one is “気合! (kiai!)” and this Japanese kanji idiom means “Fired Up!“.

Then next one says “漢気 (otokogi)” which means “Manly Spirit“. The kanji “男 (otoko)” is normally represents “Man” or “Male”. However, this special kanji “漢” express stronger masculinity.

And there is another one a little bit over “漢気”. That is “寝るな!! (neruna!!)” and this Japanese phrase means “Don’t Sleep!!”. I bet he put the sign to stay awake to study all night long or something. Don’t fall asleep!

OK. The last one is… Kirishima’s training menu! It’s the bigger white sign above his desk.

Eijiro Kirishima’s Daily Training Menu

It’s a little hard to read but I see these words in the paper.

腕立て x 200
腹筋 x 200
スクワット x 200

Can you guess what they say? The answers are…

Daily Training
Push Ups x 200
Sit Ups x 200
Squats x 200

Go for it! To be a man’s man, Eijiro! …200 times each…nah, it’s not for me.

Well, that’s all for the answer of the question! But I see more kanji in his room, so let me talk about them.

Why Does Kirishima Has a “Big Catch” Banner on the Wall?

Meanings of Japanese Kanji
大漁 (tairyou) means “Big Catch”. The small one between “大” and “漁” is “祝 (shuku / syuku). It means “Congratulations” and “Celebration”.

Actually, that kind of “Big Catch” Flag is well known stuff in Japan. They are called “大漁旗 (tairyou-bata)” and fishermen hang those flags on their ships to hope or cerebrate the big catch.

Meanings of Japanese Kanji
大漁旗 (tairyou-bata): Big Catch Flags

I’m not sure Kirishima’s family is related to fishing but fishermen are MANLY. I think that is the most important fact for him.

Posters in Kirishima’s room

Well, anything else? The banner of 必勝(Hisshou: Certain Victory) is in the middle of the wall. And on the wall right hand side, there is “勝利(shouri: Victory)” poster.

The red letters in the poster next to “勝利” one were unreadable for me. However I found out it is “紅頼雄斗(Crimson Riot)”! It’s the name of the hero that Kirishima respects.

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

The poster above the desk says “燃えるぞ ドラゴン (moeruzo dragon)” and it’s obviously a parody of a Bruce Lee movie.

Then, finally, the poster below the clock is “押忍 (Osu / Ossu)”. In the historical thinking, they say that the word Osu is originally a shortened way to say “おはようございます (ohayougozaimasu: Good Morning)”. But as you can see the martial artist in this poster, today it seems to be used as the manly martial artist’s way to say “Yes,” or “Yes, sir.”

Man, there are so many kanji in one room…. Kirishima is such a big kanji art fan.

Thank you for the question, again!!

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Meanings of Japanese Kanji

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