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Speaking of Don bowls, I’ll ask fans of “Shokugeki-no-Soma(食戟のソーマ)” about this “DON” moment in Season 1. It’s in the episode of Shokugeki between Soma and Ikumi.

DON!!(Pressing the button)

Japanese Kanji Sound Effect Joke

I have no idea how many viewers got this joke. First of all did you notice that yellow thing is Japanese Kanji??

Japanese Kanji and Sound Effect Joke in “Shokugeki no Soma”

The yellow thing in the picture above is a Japanese kanji “丼”. It pronounce “don” or “donburi” and it means a certain type of “Bowl”.

The Donburi bowl is usually big and deep to hold rice and toppings. And there is a food category “Donburi” in Japan. Everything is in one bowl. As Don-Ken guy said, donburi is very popular food in Japan.

Anyway, at this scoring moment of Shokugeki, the author made a joke because the sound pressing a button can be written in Japanese onomatopoeia “ドン!(don!)”.  He wrote a kanji “丼(don)” instead of “ドン(don)”.

Ha ha…ha…once the joke got explained, it’s ruined. I know. It’s not funny anymore….

Well, but at least I can show some Japanese yummy Donburi dishes.

Popular Japanese Donburi Bowl Foods

There are so many varieties of Donburi dishes in Japan. And one of my favorite is 海鮮丼(kaisen-don). It’s Sashimi Bowl. Many kinds of sashimi are on the white rice and pour the specially seasoned soy sauce when we eat.

Kaisen-don Seafood Bowl
海鮮丼(kaisen-don): Sashimi Bowl

Next one is the very famous かつ丼(katsu-don)! It’s Pork Cutlet and Egg Bowl. I bet a lot of anime fans have seen this dish in the shows. It’s so yummy, if it cooked right.

Katsu-don pork cutlet and egg bowl
かつ丼(katsu-don): Pork Cutlet and Egg Bowl

Last one is 天丼(ten-don). It’s Tempra Bowl. This high calorie food is also one of the best if it is fresh. Basically the price depends on how big shrimp you get.

Ten-don Tempra Bowl
天丼(ten-don): Tempra Bowl

If you have a opportunity to go to a AUTHENTIC Japanese restaurant, please try one!

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