“Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid(小林さんちのメイドラゴン)” is a very cute show. Does anyone want to try Tohru’s tail meat?? …She keeps saying that it’s sweet and creamy…!(◎_◎;)

By the way, here is one question about the show from viewer.

I see some calligraphy on the green bottle that Kobayashi has. What does it say?

Japanese Kanji in Anime

Ah-hah! You are talking about this bottle, aren’t you? Thank you very much for asking me a question!

Japanese Culture behind that Green Bottle

First of all, Japanese people notice this is obviously a “一升瓶(isshou-bin: 0.47 gallon-bottle)” of rice wine.

升(shou) is the measuring unit that is used to use in Japan before the metric system got adopted. Even today, many breweries make this traditional size of bottle for their rice wine.

Usually the bottle color is green or brown to prevent degradation of the rice wine.

Now, let’s see the calligraphy on the bottle.

What Does the Japanese Kanji Calligraphy on the Bottle Say?

Japanese Kanji in Anime

The small black text says “純米 大吟醸 (Junmai-Daiginjou)”. Junmai-Daiginjou is the highest grade of Japanese rice wine. It’s made using only the center part of rice grain.

Next, the big black text seems to be the brand name of the rice wine and it says “竜殺し”. The kanji “竜” means “Dragon” and “殺” means “Kill”. So, if I translate the name “竜殺し”, it’ll be like “Dragon Killer” or “Dragon Slayer”.

The red square stamp in the bottom of right side says, “竜”. Just like I use my KansaiChick stamp all the time, it’s a Japanese culture.

Japanese Joke about “竜殺し”

Japanese Kanji in Anime

The lady, who is about to save a dragon, is holding “Dragon Killer”. Yes, it’s a joke already. But if you noticed another joke about the name of this rice wine, you may be a 21 year old or older, Japanese rice wine fan.

In fact, this name is after a very common name of Japanese wine label “鬼ころし(oni-koroshi: Demon Killer)”. The first brewery which used this name didn’t apply for the trademark registration, so anybody can use the name today.

That’s why, possibly, you can find one of “鬼ころし” at an Asian market near you. By the way, usually the Demon Killers are very cheap and lower quality….

I prefer “Dragon Killer”, if it exists! (*´з`)

Thank you for the question again!

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