Do you know Japanese “Romaji”? Romaji is the pronunciation of Japanese characters written in the alphabet. Japanese people use “Romaji” when they want to write Japanese words in alphabet.

However, when Japanese words are written using the alphabet, it might be tough for you to tell if they are Japanese words or not.

I received a question from a follower like this.

Is “IBARRA” or “IBARA” Japanese name? If so, what does it mean?

OK, leave it to me! (*’▽’)☆

First of all, there is no Japanese word “Ibarra”, but “Ibara” makes sense!

meaning of Japanese kanji

Ibara can be written in Japanese like:いばら, イバラ, 棘, 茨, 荊. Basically all of them mean “Thorn“.

  • いばら(ibara): This is 棘, 茨, or 荊 written in Japanese Hiragana script.
  • イバラ(ibara): This is 棘, 茨, or 荊 written in Japanese Katakana script.
  • 棘(ibara/toge): This is a generic term for thorny plants.
  • 茨(ibara): This is a generic term for thorny shrubs.
  • 荊(ibara): This is the name of the tree used to make the whipping cane.

Also, the word Ibara can be a Japanese last name like 井原, 伊原, and so on. They are consisted of “i” and “hara(bara)”, and nothing to do with thorn.

meaning of Japanese kanji

By the way, the word “ibara” reminds a lot of Japanese people “thorns of roses” specifically. Because “bara” means “rose” in Japanese. The well known idiom “茨の道(ibara no michi): Thorn Road” means “A Life with Many Hardships”.

I hope this post helps you. Thanks again!(*’▽’)


Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Never Give Up”! I won’t give up even if I have to go on a thorny road.

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