Making up an original Japanese name is very difficult. Does it sound natural enough as a “Japanese name”? Don’t the kanji symbols that I choose contain weird meanings? How do I know!? o(>_<)o

Hmmm, it’s tough for me to answer everyone’s individual questions about creating their own names, but KansaiChick is here for help today! I hope this post will help everyone, who wants a Japanese name, get some understanding of the thought process you can follow to create a Japanese name.

I was thinking up of a name of a Japanese pseudonym of mine as “a lazy little pig” or build a pun around it. Would you help me?

Thank you for the question!

You’ve already got what you want to describe yourself in Japanese name. That’s a very good start.(*’▽’)☆

how to make a Japanese name

Simple Translation to Japanese Kanji

A little pig is 子豚/仔豚(kobuta) in Japanese, and we can say “a lazy little pig” “怠惰な子豚(taida na kobuta)”, “怠け者の子豚(namakemono no kobuta)”, and so on.

“怠け子豚(namake kobuta)” also makes sense to say “A Lazy Little Pig”.

怠惰(taida) means “Laziness”. 怠け者(namakemono) means “A Lazy Person”. The word ナマケモノ(namakemono) in Katakana script means a “Sloth” the animal.

無精(busyou) is also a word that means laziness. ごろごろする/ゴロゴロする(gorogoro-suru) and だらだらする/ダラダラする(daradara-suru) are very common way to say “being lazy” as well.

ごろり/ゴロり(gorori) or だらり/ダラり(darari) can work too.

how to make a Japanese name

Sound Trick of Japanese Kanji

There is a trick that Japanese people typically use to make a name. It’s the sound trick. Place a kanji that makes the sound of the word you want to say, but they are nothing to do with the original word or they mean completely different thing.

“A lazy little pig” will be “a reijii ritoru piggu” in Japanese sound.

“Reiji” sounds like a Japanese boy’s name. “Toru(Tooru)” can be a Japanese unisex name. Examples are here.

  • 怜治(Reiji)
  • 礼司(Reiji)
  • 徹(Toru)
  • 透(Toru)

This trick works also for Japanese word to another Japanese word, by the way. For example, I can write the sound “Kobuta(子豚: a little pig)” as other kanji that LOOKS LIKE a Japanese last name.

  • 小部田 (small + part + rice field)
  • 小武田 (small + force + rice field)
  • 小分田 (small + divide + rice field)
  • 小蓋 (small + lid)

All four kanji words example above can be pronounced as “Kobuta”.

Image Adjustment of Japanese Script

Personally, I think “Kobuta Reiji” is the natural name that is understandable to someone with Japanese knowledge and a good sense. To make the boy’s name “Reiji” cuter for a girl, I can write it in Hiragana script.

  • れいじ (reiji)
  • れーじ (re-ji) …Welll, this one sounds stupider in a cute way.

Plus, ゴロり(Gorori) also can be a unique name I guess. To make this one cute as a girl’s name, ころり(Korori) is acceptable. ころり sounds like a small thing lies down.

“小部田 ころり” looks very cute and it sounds like a piglet rolling down to the blanket or something.(*´Д`) Technically, you can place kanji that sound “korori” there, but I strongly recommend you to use Hiragana script to keep the balance of the whole name.

Please see my suggestions as your reference. Thanks again!


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    Could you please help me choose a male name meaning something along the lines of dragon cat?

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