“Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun” is a new Japanese Anime show, and its original title is “魔入りました! 入間くん (Mairimashita! Iruma-kun)”. Did you notice there are 2 funny kanji jokes in it?

meanings of kanji in anime

Japanese Kanji Joke 1: 魔入りました(Mairimashita)

The Japanese phrase “Mairimashita” has 2 meanings and both of them written this way “参りました”.

  1. came (It’s a very polite way to say “came”)
  2. surrendered (defeated and impressed by someone)

The pink hair guy, Azz, uses both a lot in front of Iruma. When you see the subtitle says “I’ve slain.”, that means #2 above.

meanings of kanji in anime

However, in the title Mairimashita is spelled “魔入りました”. There is no such a Japanese phrase, but it makes sense if you understand the meanings of those kanji.

The unfortunate human boy Iruma got sold by his parents to a demon. The demon adopted him as his step ground son, and Iruma joined a school in the demon world. That’s the basic story.

meanings of kanji in anime

魔 means “magical”. 入 means “enter”.

Now I should show you the examples of Japanese words with 魔.

  • 悪魔 (akuma) : Devil, Demon
  • 魔界 (makai) : Demon World
  • 魔法 (mahou) : Magic
  • 魔力 (maryoku) : Magic Power
  • 魔王 (maou) : King of Devils, King of Demon World

So, we can imagine that “魔入りました” wants to express “(Iruma) came into the magical demon world.”

Japanese Kanji Joke 2: 入間(Iruma) is a Human

meanings of kanji in anime

The second one is easy. Iruma (入間) is a human (人間).

Oh? …Yes, 入間 is 人間. Both words look alike, don’t they? This is on purpose of course! Those 2 kanji 入(enter) and 人 (person) look similar.

Computer font gave a little nick on the top part of 入. But that is not the difference. I’ll write both quickly to show you the idea.

Get it? I know…they are ridiculously close.

人間 means human. 入間(Iruma) is a human! It’s obvious for the people who know Japanese kanji, but no devils notice that. lol

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