Japanese kanji justice

In the popular Japanese animation “One Piece”, have you ever notice that there is a sign on the wall behind the desk in each naval officer’s room?

Former 3 Navy Generals’ Motto of Justice

Their is a motto of justice for each one that explains his or her character a lot. Here are some examples.

  • Aokiji(青雉): だらけきった正義(darakekitta seigi: Totally Lazy Justice)
  • Kizaru(黄猿): どっちつかずの正義(docchitsukazuno seigi: Indecisive Justice)
  • Akainu(赤犬): 徹底的な正義(tetteitekina seigi: Thorough Justice)

Aokiji’s motto of justice used to be “燃え上がる正義(moeagaru seigi: Burning Up Justice)” but he started questioning what is right justice, when he lost his best friend. Then he reached his new motto.

Former 3 Navy Generals Name and “Momotaro”

Do you know about the former generals’ names translations consist of colors and animals?

  • Aokiji(青+雉) ao: Blue + kiji: Pheasant
  • Kizaru(黄+猿) ki: Yellow + saru: Monkey
  • Akainu(赤+犬) aka: Red + inu: Dog

Those 3 animals are from Japanese folklore ”Momotaro”. The hero Momotaro has the 3 animal followers.

Momotaro and Followers
Momotaro and Followers

Former 3 Navy Generals’ Face Models

In One Piece, Japanese people notice that the navy generals’ faces are very special. Because There are famous Japanese actors who became the models of those characters.

  • Aokiji(青雉): 松田優作 (Yuusaku Matsuda)
  • Kizaru(黄猿): 田中邦衛 (Kunie Tanaka)
  • Akainu(赤犬):菅原文太 (Bunta Sugawara)

If you want to see their faces, google the Japanese names above!


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