Do you understand the meaning of “San no Sara”?? The answer is here.

Yeah, “San no Sara” the season 3 of “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” has started! …but a kanji in the title was not what I expected.

Do you know which one I’m talking about??

the 3rd plate of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

The answer is “(san)”! It’s pretty complicated kanji, isn’t it?

Is it “3”?? What is the Difficult Kanji in the 3rd Plate Title?

Traditionally, in this show, they call season “PLATE(皿:sara)”. That’s why, I understood “餐ノ皿(san-no-sara)” means “the 3rd plate”.

However, 餐 is NOT “THREE”!!

So, please, don’t memorize this difficult kanji as 3. We pronounce this kanji “san” and also “3” can be pronounced as “san”.

Then did they accidentally pick the wrong kanji? Nope. They chose this kanji on purpose! Because the kanji “餐” has meanings like “meal” or “food”.

餐ノ皿…ok, it’s obviously saying “the 3rd plate”, but looks like “food plate”.

Japanese Kanji and Number: How did they write the 2nd Plate Title?

Do you remember? The title image of the season 2 was like this!

the 2nd plate of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

It says “弐ノ皿(ni-no-sara)” and that means “the 2nd plate”. This is normal!

Usually, Japanese kanji numbers are like below.

一(ichi: one), 二(ni: two), 三(san: three), 四(shi/yon: four), 五(go: five) …

However, those first three numbers are too simple and anybody can easily tamper them with other numbers if you add some strokes. That’s why, difficult version of number kanji set exists for official documents. It looks like…

壱(ichi: one), 弐(ni: two), 参(san: three), 肆 or 四(shi/yon: four), 伍 or 五(go: five) …

There is the number 2 “弐” that we see in the title image!

Now, finally I can say this. I expected “参ノ皿” for season 3!!

Man, I really like the trickiness of this show.

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