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Hello, Kanji tattoo fans! We can check meanings of kanji online today, but it’s tough to choose the right one from dictionary. Plus, the sample designs online often have wrong translations. ((+_+)) Please be careful!

Today, I’ll answer the question about a tattoo! (*’▽’)☆

The kanji is supposed to go on a wrist and be a reminder of “kindness” or to be kind to others. I have a few variations I found that have to do with “kindness”. Which are here:

meanings of kanji

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OK, let me see…the top kanji 恩(on) means more like “the kindness that you received from others”.

Then, the second one 恵(megumi) contains meanings like “Grace” and “Blessing”. It’s a popular kanji for names in Japan: 恵(Megumi), 恵子(Keiko), 恵介(Keisuke), and so on.

For the other 3 kanji, unfortunately, I think that Japanese people can’t image what you want to express.

Literal Translation and Synonyms

If you want to choose the word “Kindness” simply, 親切(shinsetsu) is the closest one. If you separate those 2 kanji symbols a part, they will mean totally different things, so be careful.

It must be stuck together like…



Got it?

Well, I’ll give some more ideas.(*’▽’)/

人情(ninjou): Humanity, Kindness, Empathy

恩情(onjou/onjoh/onjo): Compassion, Affection

温情(onjou/onjoh/onjo): Warm Heart, Kindliness

Symbolic Translation with Single Letter Kanji

If you want to have a single letter kanji tattoo, I recommend these ones below.

(kokoro): Heart (This kanji tattoo reminds people that a caring person who has a good heart or who values ​​the heart.)

(jou): Compassion (This kanji tattoo reminds people that a person who has a warm heart and who can’t leave alone the others in need.)

(jin): Compassion (This kanji tattoo reminds people that a person who respects humanity and justice.)

(zen): Good (This kanji is the antonym of the word “evil”. )

(yuu):Gentle, Kind, Excellent, and so on (This kanji tattoo reminds people that a person who is gentle and nice to the others. Also, this’s a popular kanji for names in Japan: 優子(Yuuko), 優紀(Yuuki), 優司(Yuuji), and so on.)

I hope this helps your decision!


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