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FAQ for Kanji T-Shirt Shop

I can’t find a Kanji T-Shirt I like.

First of all, check the list of all Kanji T-Shirts and meanings to find the one you like. You can jump directly from there to the shopping page of the design you choose.

 A List of Meanings for Japanese Kanji T-shirts

This explanation page about the shopping system could be a help, too.

 How to Shop Japanese Kanji T-Shirts

Does the T-Shirt come in white or black only?

No. The color can vary. The color availability depends on the style. However, the kanji itself comes black or white only. Please find your own favorite color combination!

What does the red square stamp say?

It says KansaiChick(関西雛) in Tensho font. The color of the stamp is fixed because of calligraphy culture.

Do you have only T-Shirts?

No. There are so many style options from “Men’s T-Shirt” to “Baby’s Bodysuit”. Style availability depends on each design.

How much is a Kanji T-Shirt?

The regular price of our T-Shirt like “Men’s Regular”, “Men’s Heavyweight”, or “Women’s Fitted” is $25(USD).

Kanji T-Shirt, Men's T-Shirt $25
Men’s T-Shirt, Regular $25
Kanji T-Shirt, Women's Fitted T-Shirt $25
Women’s T-Shirt, Fitted $25
Kanji T-Shirt, Men's Classic T-Shirt $17
Men’s T-Shirt, Heavyweight $25

I need to return the T-Shirt I bought.

KansaiChick Sop is one of the Threadless Artist Shops. The answer from the company that manages KansaiChick Shop,Threadless,is below.

What is your Return Policy?

All products are custom created and carefully printed especially for you. Because of this, your order is not returnable. However, we want to be sure you’re over the moon about your new product. If your order isn’t exactly what you expected, give our Customer Support a shout at Shop.support@threadless.com. We’ll gladly replace any items you are unsatisfied with or that arrive damaged or defective within 60 days from your order.

What is KansaiChick Shop’s privacy policy?

Our privacy policy conforms Threadless’. You can check their privacy policy at our shop. Please follow the “Legal” link on the very bottom of our shop page(https://kansaichick.threadless.com/).

What payment opptions are available?

The company that manages KansaiChick Shop,Threadless, accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

How long will it take to receive the Kanji T-Shirt I order?

The company that manages KansaiChick Shop,Threadless, is mensioning that they need 3-5 days processing time. That’s why, depending on shipping option, you’ll receive your Kanji T-Shirt in 4-12 business days.


If you don’t find the answer for your question, you can ask us via e-mail(info@kansaichick.com) or check Threadless Artist Shops “Help & Returns” on the very bottom of the shopping pages.