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Before Getting A Tattoo: Let’s Choose the Right Kanji!

Hello, Kanji tattoo fans! We can check meanings of kanji online today, but it’s tough to choose the right one from dictionary. Plus, the sample designs online often have wrong translations. ((+_+)) Please be careful! Today, I’ll answer the question about a tattoo! (*’▽’)☆ The kanji is supposed to go on a wrist and be a reminder of “kindness” or to be kind to others. I have a few variations I found that have to do with “kindness”. Which are here: Thank you for contacting KansaiChick! OK, let me see…the top kanji 恩(on) means more like “the kindness that you received from others”. Then, the second one 恵(megumi) contains meanings …

check the meaning of kanji before getting the tattoo

Before Getting Tattoo: Is This Meaning of Kanji Correct?

Kanji Tattoos are cool. But WAIT!! I strongly recommend that you make sure that your kanji is correct. Japanese language is super complicated and the info that you got could be a big misunderstanding. I’ve seen so many tragedies because of wrong info spread online. (-_-;) Well, I got a question about some kanji meanings from a follower who was researching kanji for the tattoo! I’m a tattoo artist. My friend wants to get “Warrior” and “Life” in Japanese kanji. But the kanji he showed me doesn’t seem to be right. Does this kanji mean “Warrior”? O M G ! Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ! I’m VERY glad he contacted me before the ink …

Which Japanese kanji suits my Tattoo “Warrior”?

Kanji contains a lot of meanings. So, we can say one thing with many different ways. However, when people translate Japanese into English, they usually pick some words without explanations of the details. That’s why, some info get lost so easily. (+_+) Well, that’s inevitable. Therefore, I bet many people have hard time to choose the kanji from the list of translations on the dictionary. Even I look up the answer sometimes! Today, I share the question from a follower about this type of situation. Thank you for contacting KansaiChick!(*’▽’) I need to pick the right kanji “Warrior” for my tattoo. What I want it to signify is I have …

choose right kanji for tattoo

Japanese Kanji: Is this translation “WARRIOR” right?

Kanji words look cool! Do you want to have a kanji tattoo? The most scary fact is…that even professional tattoo artists often have wrong references.(+_+) I don’t know who made the mistake first, but I see so many art sample images that have exactly same mistakes. Today, I’ll answer a question about the meanings of kanji word. Thank you very much for contacting me! I hope the person who got the kanji tattoo likes the image of it! Could you tell me what this means? Is this translation “Warrior” right? Well, yeah, “Warrior” is not wrong. 武者 is a type of warrior.(*’▽’) But if you ask Japanese people to translate …

question about Japanese kanji

Meaning of the Kanji Tattoo in Ep: 281 “Fairy Tail”

Do you want to get a kanji tattoo? It’s cool! But be careful! I see so many Kanji Tattoo sample pictures online and sadly most of them are wrong. Well, today, I’ll answer the question from a follower! It’s about a Japanese kanji tattoo on an Anime character’s head. Thank you for being patient! What does this Kanji Tattoo mean? He is a bad guy in Ep.281 of “Fairy Tale”. Thank you for the question! And I appreciate the pictures so much! They make my job way easier.(*´Д`)v Meaning of the Kanji Tattoo in “Fairy Tail” OK. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy got captured and they are in the prison. Here …

The Meaning of the Makeup Symbol for “Monster Hunter World”

A New game is out! It’s called “Monster Hunter World”. Hunters catch big dinosaur-like monsters in the jungle. I love this spectacular atmosphere. However, creating a new character is always WORK! Then I already got a kanji question from a player who is working on his character! Thank you very much. What is this symbol of the Tattoo Makeup for “Monster Hunter World”? Thank you for the question and the photos! The Meaning of the Kanji Tattoo for “Monster Hunter World” You can see that Chinese-like or Japanese-like kanji symbol face tattoo in the “Makeup” section when you create your character. I think they designed this tattoo based on the …

monster hunter world meaning of the tattoo

Is My Tattoo Correct?: the 7 Virtues of Bushido

Tattoos are awesome. I want to have one eventually. But I can’t decide what I should have. Today I’ll answer the question about a popular Japanese kanji tattoo. Thank you for contacting KansaiChick!(*’▽’)   I have the unfinished tattoo that’s supposed to be the 7 Virtues of Bushido. I’m curious if what I have was even correct. Oh, I see. I know what you tried to get. the 7 Virtues of Bushido from “Bushido: The Soul of Japan” 義 (gi: Righteousness) 勇 (yuu: Bravery) 仁 (jin: Compassion) 礼 (rei: Respect) 誠 (shin/makoto: Integrity) 名誉 (meiyo: Honor) 忠義 (chuugi: Loyalty) It’s supposed to be this set, right? This is from the famous …

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