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Japanese Kanji Shirt 忍 Shinobi

Wearing a Kanji T-Shirt is cool. But if you understand the authentic information about what you wear, you can impress everyone. On this page, you can make sure this Kanji Shirt is right for you. Table of Contents Basic Info about This Kanji Who Should be Wearing It Examples of Qualification Designs Available 忍 Shinobi Kanji Shirt: Basic Info Japanese Kanji: 忍 Pronunciation: shinobi Spelling Variety: shinobi, sinobi Meaning: Shinobi(Ninja) Category: Motto Image of this Kanji Word: Stoic, Cool and Quiet 忍 “Shinobi” is what a Ninja is. Usually ninjas call themselves “Shinobi”. This character means holding back any kind of emotion and being stealthy. 忍 Shinobi Kanji Shirt: Who …

Japanese Kanji T-Shirt Shinobi Ninja
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