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Japanese Motivational Slogans: Kanji on the Stadium in BORUTO

Boruto is taking the Chunin Exam (中忍試験) to be a middle rank ninja. The last part of the exam is battle and I notice there are so many kanji stickers on the wall of the hallway to the entrance of the arena. The author of Boruto (Naruto) seems to like this kind of kanji decorations a lot. So, what do they say?? Japanese Kanji Motivational Slogan They are traditional Japanese motivational slogans. Whoever designed this stadium wants to motivate fighters who is facing a serious battle. We can see “努力” in the picture above. The kanji idiom 努力(doryoku) means like “Pushing Yourself”, “Great Effort”, “Hard working”, or “Endeavour”. And there is …

Japanese Kanji Motivational Slogan

Meanings of Kanji in the Burger Shop for “BORUTO”

Boruto loves burgers. We’ve seen that constantly since episode 1 of “BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS”. In the Boruto’s world, there is a famous burger shop “雷バーガー (Kaminari Burger)”. The kanji “雷 (kaminari)” means ”Thunder”. And I bet some viewers are already familiar with this one, because it is one of the Nin-jutsu element. You can see the lightning on the burger shop logo. Meanings of Kanji Decorations in the Burger Shop On the windows, we see the kanji “肉 (niku)” which means “Meat”. The author seems to like rectangle kanji tags and we see them everywhere in this show, and this restaurant has some too. There are on the partitions, …

meanings of kanji in anime

Kanji in Chunin Application for “BORUTO”

Chunin Exams are starting soon! Look like all main characters for BORUTO got Chunin applications. That’s so fast. I thought they stay Genin for a long time like Naruto’s generation, but maybe not. The Meanings of Kanji on the Chunin Application It’s a very “Naruto World” design stuff. I don’t see any forms and it looks more like a flyer. First of all, the kanji in the circle is “忍 (shinobi)”. If you are a returning reader of this blog, you may know what it means already. Yes, that kanji means “Ninja”. Ninja usually call themselves “忍 Shinobi”. And the big black kanji in the middle is “中 (chuu / …

Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll Part 2

Chu-nin examination is right around the corner and all new ninja are working so hard to get the  qualification. The 3 girls’ on Team 15 are also doing good and we had another opportunity to see Wasabi’s Cat Technique. (ΦωΦ) Meow.  Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll Part 1 According to her line, now I’m sure that her art is using the cats’ abilities and the variety of cat matters. However, this time even I had a hard time to figure out some meanings of the kanji on her scrolls! Kanji in the Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll In the scroll, there are some circles lined up and kanji …

Japanese Kanji Meaning

The Japanese Chess “Shogi” that Shikadai Plays: BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS

Have you ever played Japanese chess “将棋(shogi)”? …I hate it…because when I was a baby, my older brother forced me to play with him because he can win 100 percent of the time….(-_-) So, I really understand how Shikadai feels! I respect him learning so hard.(are you really sure it’s not only for the allowance?) What is the Book Shikadai Reads? Shikadai is reading a book when he plays shogi. What is he reading? The front cover says “はじめての詰将棋 (hajimeteno tsume-shogi)” and that means “First Time Shogi Puzzle”. Tsume-shogi is a shogi problem in which the goal is to checkmate the opponent’s king. It presents a situation that might occur …

Japanese chess Shogi and kanji

Shinobi Bout: The Shinobi Card Game in “BORUTO” Part 2

I wrote about the card game “Shinobi Bout”, which Boruto is really into, for this Japanese kanji blog several months ago.  My Original Article about the Shinobi Card Game in “BORUTO” And now, I received an additional question from a Boruto viewer! Thank you very much! I see more kanji symbols on the cards for Shinobi Bout in Ep.27 of “BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS”. What do they mean? OK! In that episode, Boruto and friends played Shinobi Bout to cheer up Kagura. And we see way more images of cards in the playing scene. the Meaning of Japanese Kanji Symbols on the Card Game “Shinobi Bout” Alright then, let’s start! …

shinobi bout Japanese kanji meaning

Are NINJAGO’s Symbols Japanese Kanji?

Ninjago!! The popular lego TV show featuring “ninja” is very successful.  …I don’t know why the creator gave Nia the wrinkles on the side of her mouth…(-_-) She needs a strong facial cream. By the way, I got a question from a viewer about the show, so let me share with you. Can you read the symbols on ninja’s forehead and clothes? Thank you very much for the interesting question! Are NINJAGO’s Symbols Japanese Kanji? Many people think that NINJAGO guys are using Japanese symbols because Ninja is Japanese thing. However, unfortunately those symbols are NOT Japanese. They exist only in their world. So, the answer is…”No. I can’t read …

kanji blog

Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll for BORUTO

Kakashi’s test was fun.(*‘∀‘) Now, Boruto and friends are officially ninja! By the way, I noticed there are some Japanese Kanji on the scroll that Wasabi was using for her special Ninja Art “Cat Cloak”. Meanings of Kanji on Wasabi’s Cat Cloak Scroll In her scroll, we can see 3 circles contains some kanji characters. The middle one that she used was 三毛(mike) and it means “3 Colors of Fur”. It’s gone in 2nd picture because she used it. Other kanji letters are 斑 and 野良(They are upside down in the picture above.). 斑 means “Spots”. 野良 means “Stray” here. Did you notice that? Apparently these kanji characters seem to …

Japanese Kanji Meanings

Water Cinnamon Sweets in “BORUTO” Exists in Real Life!

Welcome back from your Field Trip, Boruto. But his little sister is sad…because he forgot to get her souvenir…! I feel sorry for her! Japanese people strongly tend to buy a lot of souvenirs for everybody even if they don’t ask for it. It’s a part of the culture…. By the way, do you know the model of the Water Clan’s famous confectionery, Mizu-Yatsuhashi? the Model of Water Cinnamon Sweets “Yatsuhashi” Exists in Real Life! Japanese kanji 水八ツ橋 (ツ is not technically kanji but katakana though.)is pronounced “Mizu-Yatsuhashi”. 水 means water. In real life, 八ツ橋 / 八つ橋 / 八橋 / やつはし (Yatsuhashi) is very well known confectionery in Kyoto, Japan. …

the Water Cinnamon Sweets

The Shinobi Card Game in “BORUTO”

The new series “BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS(ボルト)” has been out for a little while now. Do you like all the new character designs of the kids? At the beginning, I felt a little wired about kid’s names like Shikadai and Inojin but I got used to it. Today I found some Japanese Kanjis on the card game that Boruto is into. It’s called “Shinobi Bout(忍バウト)”. Boruto grabbed it to play it with his friends during the school trip. What is “Shinobi Bout” the card game in Boruto First of all, “忍(Shinobi)” is what ninjas call themselves. That’s who they are.  See a Little More Details of Meaning for Shinobi I …

Japanese Kanji Shinobi Ninja Card Game in Boruto
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