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Japanese Kanji in Kirishima’s Room for “My Hero Academia”

Season 3 of “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア) ” is currently airing! Today I’ll answer the question about Japanese kanji from a viewer! Thank you for contacting KansaiChick!! I see so many white papers around the desk in Kirishima’s dorm room. What do they say?  Right! Deku and friends moved into the dorm! …and THIS is the Kirishima’s room in Episode 51 you are talking about. I see. There are 4 small white signs. Let me explain one by one! Meanings of Kanji Signs in Kirishima’s Dorm Room The top one is “気合! (kiai!)” and this Japanese kanji idiom means “Fired Up!“. Then next one says “漢気 (otokogi)” which means “Manly …

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

Meaning of Kanji Name: Nomu “My Hero Academia”

In the popular Japanese Anime “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)”, we see a strong manmade monster “Nomu”. That got created by All-for-One to defeat All Might. By the way, do you know why they spell “Nomu” that way? When I heard it for the first time, I thought they are saying “Norm”. But I realized that they translated the name “Nomu” in subtitle. Then, I saw Japanese name. …Ah-hah! (@_@) Meanings of “Nomu” and Japanese Kanji First of all, the monster’s name “Nomu” is originally written in a Japanese Kanji “脳無”. The first kanji “脳” means “Brain” and the second one “無” means “Nothing” or “Naught”. So, the name 脳無 (Nomu) …

Meanings of Kanji in Anime

Meaning of Kanji Name: Yagi Toshinori (All Might) “My Hero Academia”

I watch My Hero Academia for All Might (オールマイト)! (*´Д`) Well, today, I’ll talk about the kanji of his original name 八木 俊典(Yagi Toshinori). Yagi is his last name and Toshinori is his first name. …Am I only one who was shocked when I found out he is Japanese? Man, I thought he is American. The author loves American comics and only All Might has the look and brush strokes like American comic art in My Hero Academia comic books, and that is one of their jokes. All kids in the show say “Only he looks different as if he came from other comic!”. Japanese Name of All Might: Toshinori …

Meanings of kanji in Anime

The Meaning of the Kanji Name: Asui Tsuyu “My Hero Academia”

Most of Japanese people have kanji names. The meanings of each kanji are big deal for the names of people. Today, I’ll talk about the name of my favorite frog girl Tsuyu-chan in a popular anime “My Hero Academia(僕のヒーローアカデミア)”. Most of the names of characters for this show are presenting their special powers “quirks”. That’s why, their names are very abnormal. The Meanings of Kanji Name: Asui Tsuyu 蛙吹 梅雨 This is how her name looks like in Japanese kanji. Her family name is 蛙吹(Asui) which I’ve never seen before in my real life. However, “Asui” sounds very natural as a Japanese last name somehow, not like “Bakugou” or “Tetsutetsu”. The …

The Secret of Recovery Girl for “My Hero Academia”

In the popular Anime today “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)”, there is a cute little grandma character who is the school nurse of UA High. She is obviously old, so she dares call herself “the Youthful Heroine” Recovery Girl. Recovery Girl’s Name in Kanji and its Meanings Her name is 修善寺 治与 (Shuzenji Chiyo) in kanji. The kanji word “修繕” means “Repair” and the next letter “寺” means “Temple”, which is included in some actual Japanese last names. The first kanji of her first name is “治” and it contains some meanings like “Cure” or “Heal”. Then the second one is “与” which means “Give”, “Grant” and so on.  The Meaning of …

Japanese Kanji Joke and Meanings in My Hero Academia

The Meaning of the Kanji Name: Bakugou Katsuki “My Hero Academia”

Japanese people consider the meanings of each kanji and choose ones very carefully when they will name their child. Because many parents usually hope their kids grew certain way and have nice life. However, some authors of Japanese Manga, tend to play with his or her character names. Most of the names of characters for “My Hero Academia(僕のヒーローアカデミア)” are presenting their powers. That’s why, their names are very abnormal. The Meanings of Kanji Name: Bakugou Katsuki 爆豪 勝己 This is how his name looks like in Japanese kanji. His family name is 爆豪(Bakugou / Bakugo / Bakugoh) which I’ve never seen before in my real life. The kanji “爆” means …

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

The Kanjis of Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu for “My Hero Academia”

Season 2 of “My Hero Academia” has just ended…but, don’t worry! They already announced that they are working on the next season. Yay, I love All Might…!!(*´Д`)v   By the way, Most of the names of characters for “My Hero Academia(僕のヒーローアカデミア)” are very abnormal. Because their names are presenting their powers. Among them, I got shocked most by his name. 鉄哲 徹鐵 (TETSUTETSU TETSUTETSU)!!! …I seriously need to talk to his parents. Anyway, today I’ll explain all 4 kanjis in his name. The Kanjis of Tetsutesu Tetsutesu for “My Hero Academia” As you know, all 4 kanjis can be pronounced “てつ(tetsu)” in Japanese. The first kanji “鉄” means “Iron”. This …

Japanese Kanji on the Character's costume

The True Meaning of “UA” High School for My Hero Academia

When I was watching “My Hero Academia(僕のヒーローアカデミア)”, I noticed one thing. The name of the special high school is “UA” and it’s everywhere in this show.  Even the gym uniform says UA…. However, outside of my home country Japan, how many viewers know why the school is named “UA”??? Why They Named the High School “UA” The answer is very simple. Because it is a school for Heroes! If you learn a little bit about Japanese Kanji, you’ll get it. The name “UA” is a simplified pronunciation “Yuu” and “Ei”. As you can see, when they write the school name in Kanji, it looks like this “雄英(yuuei)高等学校(koutougakkou: High School)”. And …

Japanese Kanji Meanings

The Hero’s Motto of “My Hero Academia”2

The training program at professional hero’s office is over! I’m satisfied to watch my favorite character Tsuyu-chan. Ribbit, ribbit. But I can’t miss this opportunity to talk about Japanese kanji! the Battle Hero’s Motto Uraraka’s teacher was a professional hero named Gunhead, we can see her here in his training room with other sidekicks. So, did you notice the frame of a Japanese kanji motto on the wall? The calligraphy on the wall behind them says 心技体(shingitai). Actually this famous motto is consist of 3 words “心(shin: mind)”, 技(gi: skill)”, “体(tai: body)”. That explains what are important for martial arts. We must train ourselves mentally, technically and physically! Possibly some of …


The Hero’s Motto of “My Hero Academia”

My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア) is one of the popular shows now airing in Japan. And, yes, I found some Japanese kanji in it! the Chivalrous Hero’s Motto Currently for the work experience program at UA high school, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu are going to a professional hero named Fourth Kind, we can see them here in his office. The calligraphy on the wall behind the desk says “勝利(syouri: Victory)”, 努力(doryoku: Big Effort)”, “友情(yuujou: Friendship)”. So, how about the red sign on the right? …Well, that’s just a safety sign with a catchphrase “火の用心(hi-no-youjin: Beware of fire)”…! the Chivalrous Hero’s and Japanese Mafia Fourth Kind’s catchphrase is “the Chivalrous Hero”. In Japanese, …

Japanese kanji motto
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