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The Meanings of Nishinoya’s Kanji T-Shirts in “Haikyu!!”

Hey, somebody is really into Kanji T-Shirts. Nishinoya, the little libero guy for the popular volley ball animation “Haikyu!!”, loves Kanji T-Shirts! I found at least 4  times he was wearing one and all of them are “4 character idiomatic compounds” that most Japanese people know the meaning of. Let’s see them one by one! Haikyu!! Nishinoya’s Kanji T-Shirt #1 一騎当千 “一騎当千(ikki-tousen)” means that “the one warrior is as strong as 1000 warriors”. Yeah, Nishinoya has confidence! Haikyu!! Nishinoya’s Kanji T-Shirt #2 一刀両断 “一刀両断(ittou-ryoudan)” means that “cutting it in two with one blow”. This looks like expressing Nisinoya’s manly personality. Haikyu!! Nishinoya’s Kanji T-Shirt #3 大器晩成 “大器晩成(taiki-bansei)” says “the big bowl would …

Kanji T-Shirts in Anime Haikyu!!

Club Team Slogan Banners in “Haikyu!!”

I’ve talked about the Japanese culture of banners for sport teams last time. So, I think I should talk about my favorite volley ball show “Haikyu!!”. Karasuno High School Boy’s Valley Ball Team Banner Main team’s slogan banner is so simple! It’s “飛べ(tobe)”. It means “Fly!”. Needless to say, human beings can’t fly(飛ぶ: tobu). We can only jump(跳ぶ: tobu). However, I guess they chose that kanji and the color black on purpose because they are Karasuno(烏野: Crow-Field) High School.  Crows can fly and they are black! Aoba-Jousai High School Boy’s Valley Ball Team Banner The banner of Aoba-Jousai says “コートを制す(kouto-wo-seisu)”. That means “Rule the (Volley Ball) Court”. This team’s key …

Japanese Kanji Culture: The Secret of the Title “Haikyu!!”

I am a “Haikyu!!” fan! It’s a Japanese animation about a high school volleyball team. Let’s talk about some kanji stuff that I noticed. What is the Japanese Kanji Word “Haikyu”? The title of this show is after the word “排球(haikyuu)” and it’s Japanese name of volleyball.  But basically NOBODY call volleyball “haikyuu”. We call volleyball “バレーボール(bare-bo-ru)”. Did you notice the word “バレーボール” is not kanji? It is Japanese Katakana. In Japan we use the katakana script like this to adopt the word from foreign language and pronounce it as close as possible. However, some schools have a culture where they write everything in kanji. In that case, kanji version …

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