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Senzaemon in Kanji Shirt “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”

Season 3 of “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” is over! Somebody please tell me about the secret of Soma’s dad! o(@_@)o I miss the former director of Totsuki Academy, Senzaemon. He visited Soma and talked to him about his grand daughter Erina. Then, I believe that his kanji shirt moment was the highlight of season 3!(*´з`) That was even in the opening title. Ha ha ha! The Secret of Seanzaemon’s Muscular Body Traditionally, people strip off their clothes when they tasted yummy foods in “Shokugeki no Soma”. So, we saw Senzaemon’s semi-nude a couple of times and we all know he has an extraordinary muscular body for an elderly person. …

Japanese kanji shirt

What was the Paper that Soma gave Eizan? Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Oh, my god. A lot of things are going on after the Moon Festival in “Shokugeki no Soma”! Now, to save the dome, Soma decided to have a shokugeki against the 9th of the Elite 10, Eizan.  By the way, does anybody wonder about this scene?? What is the Paper that Soma is Handing to Eizan? Soma is handing something to Eizan, right? Then, nobody explains about this at all! If you can read a part of Japanese calligraphy in a flash and you catch what it is, you are very sophisticated Japanese.(@_@)/ …Yeah, Japanese calligraphy is super hard to read sometimes but this first kanji is “果” that I can …

Japanese kanji

Japanese Kanji “食戟” Explanation for “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”

Do you watch “Shokugeki no Soma(食戟のソーマ)”? I bet you do because you are reading this page! I’ll explain about Japanese kanji “食戟” today. What is Shokugeki (食戟)? What does it mean? Shokugeki is a cooking battle in the popular Japanese anime show “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”. This term exist ONLY in this show. Even in Japan, nobody understands this word unless he or she is a fan of the show. In the culinary art school Totsuki (遠月学園), they call serious cooking battles between cooks “Shokugeki”. Usually they bet stuff on the battle and they compete each other to win it. Japanese Kanji 食戟 (Shokugeki) The first kanji “食” related …

Japanese Kanji explanation

Japanese Kanji and Sound Effect Joke in “Shokugeki no Soma”

Congratulations to Don RS! They got 2nd place in the Main Avenue Area. Woot Woot! Speaking of Don bowls, I’ll ask fans of “Shokugeki-no-Soma(食戟のソーマ)” about this “DON” moment in Season 1. It’s in the episode of Shokugeki between Soma and Ikumi. DON!!(Pressing the button) I have no idea how many viewers got this joke. First of all did you notice that yellow thing is Japanese Kanji?? Japanese Kanji and Sound Effect Joke in “Shokugeki no Soma” The yellow thing in the picture above is a Japanese kanji “丼”. It pronounce “don” or “donburi” and it means a certain type of “Bowl”. The Donburi bowl is usually big and deep to …


Shokugeki no Soma “Moon Festival” Bills and Japanese Culture

I love food festivals! In Japan, there are so many events like Moon Festival for “Shokugeki no Soma” in real life. By the way, I realized they are using money certificates in the show. Visitors exchange their money to those “Fake Money Bills” at the special booth and they use them to pay for food in the event. I see the price, the school emblem(遠月: Totsuki), the event name(月饗祭: Moon Festival) and Erina’s Grandpa’s Face.  The red circle stamp says “総帥之印”. That means “Stamp of Commissioner”. Then, I’d like to talk about the largest calligraphy kanji above the price on the bill. That’s Japanese culture “松竹梅(Shou-Chiku-Bai)”! What is the Pine, …

Japanese Kanji and Culture

Real Food Photos at the “Moon Festival” for “Shokugeki no Soma” Season 3

The Totsuki Academy’s Food Festival in “Shokugeki no Soma” a.k.a. “Food Wars” has begun! From a small street fair to big international convention, these type of foodie events are very popular in my home country Japan! At a small event like a local festival, we see a lot of foods called “Rank B Gourmet (B級グルメ)”. That are cheap (still pricey  though(-_-メ)) festival foods we can buy from street vendors. Just like the food they can buy at Main Avenue of Moon Festival! So, today I’ll read Japanese kanji signs for you and show how those foods look in real life! Real Food Photos in “Moon Festival” for Shokugeki no Soma …

SS-Main Avenue

“Moon Festival” in Japanese Kanji for “Shokugeki no Soma” Season 3

The school festival is starting in “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”! They call it “Moon Festival” in English subtitles but did you catch what they call it in Japanese?? What is the Original Name for “Moon Festival”? Yes. Gekkyousai “月饗祭” is the original name for Moon Festival. If I break down this Japanese Kanji word 月饗祭(Gekkyousai), it would be like, “月(getsu/tsuki: Moon)”, “饗(kyou/kyo: Feast)” and “祭(sai/matsuri: Festival)”. “饗” is not the everyday kanji but it suits the name. I guess the kanji “Moon(月)” came from the name of the school “遠月(Totsuki)”. So, the word “Gekkyousai” means like “Totsuki Academy Food Festival”. That makes sense, doesn’t it? And also, if it’s …

Shokugeki no Soma Moon Festival

What is Going on with the Difficult Kanji in the 3rd Season of “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”?

Do you understand the meaning of “San no Sara”?? The answer is here. Yeah, “San no Sara” the season 3 of “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” has started! …but a kanji in the title was not what I expected. Do you know which one I’m talking about?? The answer is “餐(san)”! It’s pretty complicated kanji, isn’t it? Is it “3”?? What is the Difficult Kanji in the 3rd Plate Title? Traditionally, in this show, they call season “PLATE(皿:sara)”. That’s why, I understood “餐ノ皿(san-no-sara)” means “the 3rd plate”. However, 餐 is NOT “THREE”!! So, please, don’t memorize this difficult kanji as 3. We pronounce this kanji “san” and also “3” can be …

the 3rd plate of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Reason of the Yellow Sign for “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”

Most of the time, every episode of TV shows have a subtitle. The popular Japanese animation “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” has one too.  But how many viewers noticed the yellow sign of that has a special reason? Japanese Culture behind the Subtitles of “Shokugeki no Soma” It’s a yellow vertical rectangle with red line. And you see the subtitle is handwritten with a thick black marker. Actually, this is the typical image of Japanese traditional diner’s menu on the wall. I couldn’t find the exact image from my resource, but this is the closest one. 海鮮丼(kaisendon: Sashimi Bowl) is 600yen…how nice! Theirs are white and hanging on the rope. …

500 Matches in “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”

Do you watch “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (食戟のソーマ)”? Whenever people try yummy food, their reactions go WAYtoo far. But I understand that’s a very important feature for boys, fan service. Calligraphy in “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” I like the the Japanese kanji brush arts in this show. They look very nice. Sometimes kanjis look very different depending on each calligrapher and his or her calligraphic style but the kanjis, in this show, are very neat and readable. I saw “勝負(shoubu)” when Soma and his dad compete each other. The kanji “勝” means “win” and this one “負” means “lose”. Both together, “Match”. However, we Japanese use this kanji “敗” …

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