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The Kanji on the Document in BORUTO

In Naruto world, written stuff is always meaningless scribbles. However, I found a readable Japanese Kanji on a document here! The Kanji on the Document about “Class Field Trip” On the Konoha’s symbol, it says “修学旅行(syuugaku-ryokou)”. That is a very common event in Japanese school and normally a kid from Japan will experience a couple of times of 修学旅行s in his or her life. So, what is THAT? Boruto went to the water clan’s city for a school trip. That kind of “big trip for several days” is called “修学旅行” in Japanese. It was translated to “Class Field Trip” but there is a different Japanese word for ONE DAY trip, …

Japanese Kanji Meanings and Culture

The Shinobi Card Game in “BORUTO”

The new series “BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS(ボルト)” has been out for a little while now. Do you like all the new character designs of the kids? At the beginning, I felt a little wired about kid’s names like Shikadai and Inojin but I got used to it. Today I found some Japanese Kanjis on the card game that Boruto is into. It’s called “Shinobi Bout(忍バウト)”. Boruto grabbed it to play it with his friends during the school trip. What is “Shinobi Bout” the card game in Boruto First of all, “忍(Shinobi)” is what ninjas call themselves. That’s who they are.  See a Little More Details of Meaning for Shinobi I …

Japanese Kanji Shinobi Ninja Card Game in Boruto
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