Japanese people usually give their babies Kanji names. They think about the child and his or her future and choose Kanji carefully.

Even several Kanji that can be pronounced the exactly same, every single Kanji contains different meanings.

Today, I’d like to share an interesting question from a follower. (*’▽’)/  

Which kanji of “Katsuki” gives it the meaning “Victory”?

I see. She or he wants to have a handle name “Katsuki” in Knaji. OK, I can help!

Which kanji does mean “Victory”?

Victory is “勝利 (shouri)” in Japanese kanji idiom. You also can pronounce this word as Japanese boy’s name “勝利 (Katsutoshi)”.

However, the name “Katsuki” has already picked. Well, you can use the first kanji of the idiom “勝” at least. This kanji itself means “Win”. Commonly Japanese people pronounce this kanji “Katsu” or “Masa (Masaru, Masashi)”. Isn’t it close enough?

Variations of the Kanji Name “Katsuki”

The Japanese boy’s name “Katsuki” can be written 克己, 克樹, 勝喜, 勝己, and so on. There are so many options! But unfortunately, none of them means “Victory”.

I guess this follower wants to use “勝”, so I explain the meanings of 2 options for example.

The Example of Japanese Naming Sheet
for a New Born Baby
(They write Mother’s Name, Father’s Name,
Baby’s Name, and Baby’s Birthday)

勝喜 (Katsuki : Win + Joy)
I think the parents want their son to have a joyful life as a winner.

勝己 (Katsuki : Win + Yourself)
On this name, I can say “Keep improving yourself” or “Surpass your own limit”…something like that.

A popular Anime character Katsuki Bakugou for My Hero Academia, has the same name! (*’ω’*)

The Meaning of the Kanji Name: Bakugou Katsuki

I hope this will be a good help for you!

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