Hello, kanji shirt fans! Some people tend to choose kanji for its appearance. But you may be interested in figuring out the meanings, when there are some kanji happened to be printed on your favorite shirt.

I’ll answer a question from a kanji shirt owner today!

I got a new shirt and this kanji is on it. I already figured out that the second one means “fire”, but what is the first symbol?

Thank you for contacting KansaiChick!

着火(chakka) means “Ignition”, or I can say it “Setting Fire”.

The first kanji 着 contains meanings like “Wear”, “Put on”, and “Arrive”. Then, as you figured, the second one 火 means means “Fire”.(*’▽’)☆

“Put on” +  “Fire” makes sense, doesn’t it?

  • 着火する(chakka-suru): Set Fire

“火を点ける(hi wo tsu-keru)” is more common way to say “set fire”, by the way.

  • 着火: Ignition, Setting Fire
  • 着火剤: Fire Starter (like Charcoal Lighter Fluid)

They are some examples of the cases that we see the word 着火 in real life.

It’s very unusual word as kanji on T-shirt, but I hope yours makes sense on the whole design of the shirt! Thanks again!


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