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Today I’ll answer an interesting question about Kirishima’s favorite stuff.

 I would love to hear how you translate this page from My Hero Academia which introduces Kirishima— specifically the part about what he likes.

kirishima MHA

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  • Birthday: October 16th
  • Height: 170cm, which means 5 feet 7 inches
  • Favorite Things: Kouha(硬派) stuff, Meat(肉)

Oh, I see the kanji word “硬派(kouha)”. I didn’t translate this word just now, because it will be a long explanation. To begin, you need to know the fact, that the word 硬派 has at least “un-official”2 meanings here.

Characters’ Japanese Kanji Names and Secrets in “My Hero Academia”

What Does the Kanji Word 硬派 Mean?

硬派 = 硬(hard) + 派(faction)

First of all, the word 硬派(kouha) is an adjective that expresses a principle.

In Japanese language dictionary, you may spot that the kanji word 硬派 means “people that insist on strong opinions and principles”, and that’s not a wrong translation of this word. In the real life, however, almost all Japanese people have a specific common image for “硬派”.

My Hero Academia Kanji Meaning

Here is the meaning that pops up in the most Japanese people’s head instantly.

硬派(Kouha): Having a sense of justice, being simple and strong. Also, being serious and modest in the relationship between men and women.

The reason why Kirishima loves 硬派 stuff, is because the hero Crimson Riot, that he respects so much, is very 硬派.

The hero Kirishima loves

Does Not 硬派 Mean “Hard”?

硬派 doesn’t mean “Hard” at all. That’s just simple mistranslation. This kanji word includes 硬(hard), so some people or even a translation program might make mistakes. The kanji word 硬派 is like an idiom, therefore it doesn’t have literal meanings as I explained above.

BUT Japanese fans are actually enjoying its literal meaning as an implicit understanding, because that fits Kirishima’s quirk perfectly. It’s obviously on purpose, isn’t it?

Kaminari is in the Opposite Side

My Hero Academia Kanji Meaning

By the way, there is one fun fact for MHA fans. The antonym of 硬派 is “軟派(nampa)”, and Kaminari is a typical 軟派 guy.

軟派 = 軟(soft) + 派(faction)

The word 軟派 is often written in Japanese Katakana script and that looks like “ナンパ”, and ナンパする(do ナンパ) means “try talking to any girl indiscriminately in order to date with her”.

Kaminari and Kirishima are the 2 guys paired off who sometimes follow Bakugou. They are nicely balanced, once you understand these translations

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

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