Do you want to give your avatar a Japanese name? How do you know what name is natural in Japanese?? This info might help you! (*´▽`*)/

What sounds are common at the end of Japanese boy’s and girl’s names?  

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Yes. There are common 止め字 (tomeji: End Character) for Japanese name. And they tend to differ by boy’s names and girl’s names. (Unisex names exist but there are not many: Akira, Makoto, etc. They don’t have common tomeji. Basically we would have to accept and memorise that “Oh, this name could be unisex!”, whenever we met the person who has the unisex name.)

Common Sounds of the End of Japanese Boy’s Name

  • -ya      Takuya, Shinya
  • -o      Masato, Yoshio
  • -ou(oh/o)      Tarou, Shirou
  • -ki      Kouki, Hiroaki
  • -ta      Kouta, Kenta
  • -shi      Kazushi, Hitoshi
  • -ji      Kouji, Kenji
  • -to      Hayato, Naoto
  • -ma      Kazuma, Takuma

(Random Order)

Their End Characters are very common. There are tons of examples, so I picked only a couple each. 

Of course they don’t cover all Japanese boy’s name.

Common Sounds of the End of Japanese Girl’s Name

  • -mi      Akemi, Fuyumi
  • -ko      Kyouko, Sayoko
  • -na      Akina, Kana
  • -ka      Aika, Erika 
  • -e      Marie, Yoshie
  • -no      Ayano, Shino
  • -yo      Kayo, Haruyo

(Random Order)

Same as boy’s name. They don’t cover all Japanese girl’s names. But they may help you to make your own.

However, generating your own Japanese name is seriously tough.  Because Japanese kanji are often pronounced different from the usual way. Even if you find a favorite kanji, it might be very tough to find out the pronunciation for the name.


Common use of the kanji “正”

  • しい (tada-shii) : Right, Correct
  • 義 (seigi) : Justice
  • 式に(seishiki-ni) : Formally, Officially

Common Japanese Boy’s names with 正

  • 正(Tadashi)
  • 正義 (Masayoshi)
  • 正志 (Masashi) 
  • 正孝 (Masataka)

In order to be able to determine what is correct, it’s necessary to see a lot of authentic Japanese names!  Yes, you should learn as many as possible.  Books, shows, the credit from a Japanese movie, and so on, there are so many references around you! ((+_+))


Good luck!


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