We are all waiting for the premiere of “One Punch Man Season 2”. But just in case you didn’t know let’s talk about the origin for the show.

One Punch Man’s original Japanese title is ワンパンマン (wanpanman). “Wanpan” is  a shortened form of “One Punch” that Japanese people pronounce this English word.

And there is one thing almost all Japanese people can notice about the title. When Japanese people hear the word “ワンパンマン (wanpanman)” for the first time, they doubt their ears.

“Huh? Did you say Anpanman??”

That’s how deeply seeded this is in Japanese pop culture.

What is the Origin of One Punch Man?

Yes, Anpanman was there first. Wanpanman (One Punch Man) was created as a comedy after it. Do you want to know what the original guy looks like?

…This is it! アンパンマン (anpanman) is one of the most famous kids show in Japan. Its books are in almost all day care centers and kindergartens, its TV shows are on every weekday, the movies are in theaters, for decades!

One Punch Man was born as an online one-shot Manga to make a joke. Name, bald head, red & yellow costume, and so on: everything is obviously designed after Anpanman and that’s official. (you can also note that the colors of the costume are inverted for “One Punch Man”)

What is Anpanman?

Anpanman is a very unique hero who shares his bread head with people to save them. Literally, his head is bread which is called “アンパン (anpan)”.

The baker makes his new head for him whenever he needs a replacement…. I know it sounds a little horrifying but this show is very cute and happy somehow.

あんぱん / アンパン (anpan: Sweet Azuki Bean Paste Filled Bread)

Anpans taste good and you should try one. Just don’t think about the fact that is made out of beans….(-_-)

I love あんこ (anko: Sweet Bean Paste). It’s in my fridge even now….

Anyway, THIS is what is behind One Punch Man! Now you know.

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