Today I’ll write about another kanji name of a character for “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)”.

What is the meaning of the kanji name “Shoto Todoroki”?

I bet Shoto is a personal favorite, for many fans of the show.(*’▽’)☆ Thank you very much for the request!

Other Characters’ Japanese Kanji and Secrets in “My Hero Academia”

I’ve already talked about some other characters’ kanji names. Please check out the list on the page above. (*’▽’)/

In Japanese Kanji his name looks like this 轟 焦凍. Yes, this unique white & red hair boy!

Japanese Kanji Meanings in Anime

Meanings of Kanji “Todoroki”

His family name “轟 (Todoroki)” is kind of rare but it still exists in real life.

The kanji “轟 (轟く: todoroku)” means  “A loud noise sounds and crackles.” and it’s often used for thundering expressions.

This kanji is like three “車” stuck together. 車 means “Car”, “Wheel”, “Carriage” and so on. When I was in Japanese junior high school, I remember a teacher gave me an idea memorize 轟. She said “3 cars make a lot of noise!”

Japanese Kanji Meanings in Anime

However, I’d like to explain another way to use this kanji. That meaning is “Widely known to the world” and it’s used for somebody’s fame expressions. Just like people far away can hear the loud sound, people hear about his fame.

This second meaning reminds me Shoto’s father Endeavor. The fame of becoming the No.1 hero is everything for him. (+_+)

Meanings of Kanji “Shoto”

This is easy one. His first name 焦凍 (Shoto, Shouto) is simply explained his quirk.

The first kanji 焦 means “Burn” and the second one 凍 means “Freeze”.

Japanese Kanji Meanings in Anime

I bet the author considered about a lot of kanji on Fire and Ice and chose this set. Both of them can be verb and also “Shoto” sounds natural enough as Japanese boy’s name.

However, it only “sounds” natural. 焦凍 is very Anime name. If you name yourself Shoto in Japan, you can write in other kanji like 将人, 翔斗 and so on.

Name means a lot for Japanese people. Thank you again for the request!

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

If you want to know about other character’s name, just let me know!

Other Characters’ Japanese Kanji and Secrets in “My Hero Academia”

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