3Japanese people consider the meanings of each kanji and choose ones very carefully when they will name their child. Because many parents usually hope their kids grew certain way and have nice life.

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

However, some authors of Japanese Manga, tend to play with his or her character names.

Most of the names of characters for “My Hero Academia(僕のヒーローアカデミア)” are presenting their powers. That’s why, their names are very abnormal.

Other Characters’ Japanese Kanji and Secrets in “My Hero Academia”

I’ve already talked about some other characters’ kanji names. Please check out the list on the page above. (*’▽’)/

The Meanings of Kanji Name: Bakugou Katsuki

爆豪 勝己 This is how his name looks like in Japanese kanji.

His family name is 爆豪(Bakugou / Bakugo / Bakugoh) which I’ve never seen before in my real life.

The kanji “爆” means “Burst” and common idioms are 爆発(bakuhatsu: Explosion), 爆弾(bakudan: Bomb) and 爆笑(bakushou: Laugh out Very Loud).

The second kanji on his last name “豪” contains some meanings and one of them is “Extraordinarily Strong”. Its common idioms are 剣豪(kengou: Sword Master), 酒豪(syugou: Heavy Drinker) and 富豪(fugou: Millionaire).

Therefore, Bakugou is like a “Explosion Master”.

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

On the other hand, 勝己(Katsuki) is normal Japanese boy’s name. The kanji “勝” means “Win” and “己” means “Myself”. So, I can tell that the parents hope their son grow as the person who has ambition and stays strong to keep surpassing himself.

I don’t know that came from his name, but Bakugou never be able to stand himself being loser.

Why Does Deku Call Him Kacchan?

By the way, Deku calls him Kacchan (かっちゃん). Do you know what Kacchan means? It’s a common nickname of a boy whose name contains “Katsu”.

If you watch Anime in Japanese, I bet you often hear “くん (kun)”, “ちゃん (chan, tyan, chyan)” and “さん (san)” with somebody’s name. They are honorifics.  For boys and girls we are friends or are close with, we can use “-kun” for boys, “-chan” and “-san” for boys and girls.

So, Bakugou Katsuki’s friend could call him any nickname below.

  • 爆豪くん (Bakugoukun)  ←This is the most “formal” way to call friend.
  • 勝己くん (Katsukikun)
  • 爆くん / ばっくん (Bakukun, Bakkun)
  • 勝くん / かっくん (Katsukun / Kakkun)
  • 豪くん (Goukun)

Any of them above can also work with ちゃん (chan). The one Deku chose was technically “勝ちゃん(Katsu-chan)” but it changed “かっちゃん (Kacchan)” to make it easy to pronounce.

In those 3 honorifics, “chan” is the cutest and sometimes it sounds girly.

That’s why, Bakugou doesn’t like Deku call him Kacchan. Big boys think that a nickname like “Kacchan” seems to be too sweet like a baby’s name.

Every time Deku calls Bakugou “Kacchan”, Bakugou gets embarrassed. (*’▽’) (((+_+)

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

If you want to know about other character’s name, just let me know!

Other Characters’ Japanese Kanji and Secrets in “My Hero Academia”

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