Meanings of Kanji in Anime Do you watch Dragon Ball Super(ドラゴンボール超)? I remember the original “Dragon Ball” show was on TV when I was small…but the show is still going! And Master Roshi(武天老師) is still alive!

Master Roshi’s original name is 武天老師(mutenroushi) and his nickname is 亀仙人(kamesennin). The word “老師” means “Old Master”, so the translation “Master Roshi” sounds wired for me. It could be “Master Muten” …. No? Master Roshi sounds better to you?

Anyway, I finally received a question from a viewer! Thank you soooo much!

Question: I see some calligraphy thing on the bottle that Master Roshi was using for the Evil Containment Wave. What does is say?

Let me see…Ah hah! Yes, that is Japanese kanji.

Meanings of Kanji in Anime

What does the Master Roshi’s Bottle say?

The bottle says “大魔王封じ(daimaou-fuuji)”. The first and second kanjis are so close and look like one letter but it’s just design. The word “大魔王” is “Great Satan” and “封じ” means “Sealing”.

The bottle is to seal the powerful person inside, right?

According to the official information, the technique of “Evil Containment Wave(魔封波 mafuuba)” is invented by the teacher of Master Roshi. It needs a pot and a sacred bill which says “大魔王封じ”.

In this episode, Master Roshi is using a little bottle written that instead. spoiler: Things go very wrong and even Vegita ends up in the bottle, that was funny! but it all works out.


Thank you for the interesting question!

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