Aggretsuko Japanese Kanji meanings
Aggretsuko is a Japanese anime show based on the character from Sanrio that is known for “Hello Kitty” and things. It’s available on Netflix!

Japanese title is アグレッシブ烈子 which means “Aggressive Retsuko”. The main character Retsuko is a red panda who is working at an office. She is a cute ordinally girl but the “typical” stressful work/life environment drives her crazy.

To kill her stress, she goes to Karaoke by herself and sing death metal…like this. lol

Aggretsuko Japanese Kanji meanings

Meaning of Kanji on the Forehead of “Aggretsuko”

As you can see, one Japanese Kanji appears on her forehead when she sings. Japanese people are very used to see a Kanji on forehead because of the old Japanese comic and anime “Kinnikuman (キン肉マン)”. His is “肉(niku)” which means “Meat”.

kanji on the forehead

The Kanji on Retsuko’s forehead is “烈 (retsu)”. It means something like “Fierce”. The translation on Netflix is “Rage”, and that makes sense.

The sound “Retsu” is also a part of her name Retsu-ko.

AND THERE IS ONE MORE THING I want to talk about. In Japanese, Red Panda is called “Ressa-Panda (Lesser Panda)” and it’s spelled like this “レッサーパンダ” in Japanese Katakana script.

If we write “烈(retsu)” in that script, that will be “レツ“.

……!!! (*’▽’)☆ レ ッ サーパンダ!!

That’s why, she is not a cat or a dog. She must be a red panda!

Aggretsuko Japanese Kanji meanings

Man, I wish I could sing like her…!

Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Company Slave”! That is what Retsuko is….(+_+)

company slave shirt

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