My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア) is one of the popular shows now airing in Japan. And, yes, I found some Japanese kanji in it!

The Chivalrous Hero’s Motto

Japanese kanji motto

Currently for the work experience program at UA high school, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu are going to a professional hero named Fourth Kind, we can see them here in his office.

The calligraphy on the wall behind the desk says “勝利(syouri: Victory)”, 努力(doryoku: Big Effort)”, “友情(yuujou: Friendship)”.

So, how about the red sign on the right? …Well, that’s just a safety sign with a catchphrase “火の用心(hi-no-youjin: Beware of fire)”…!

The Chivalrous Hero’s and Japanese Mafia

Japanese kanji wall art

Fourth Kind’s catchphrase is “the Chivalrous Hero”. In Japanese, they call him “任侠ヒーロー(任侠英雄)” like the wall art above.

The meaning of the Japanese kanji “任侠” is close to “chivalrous” and translated that way, too. But please NOTE that “in Japan, mainly Japanese mafia refer to themselves that way…!” And Fourth Kind’s look seems to be designed based on Japanese mafia’s image.

The lanterns next to the art, say “正義(seigi: Justice)”. The Mafia like hero stands for justice…OK, if you say so.