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Well, today let’s talk about the banner in the popular Japanese animation “Yowamushi Pedal”.

Kanji Slogan Banner and Japanese Culture

If you are a fan of sports anime, you possibly have noticed a banner here and there in your favorite shows.

YP_club flag japanese kanji

In Japan, having your own banner is very common thing for groups like a sport club team in school, a local group or a company. Usually they put the name of the group and slogan on the banner.

Hanging it on the wall of the club room, showing it off at the competition to cheer up the members, pulling it out whenever they take a photo of the group…, the banner is pretty busy.( ゚Д゚)

the Slogan Banner in “Yowamushi Pedal”

YP_club flag japanese kanji

In this show, the main school Souhoku(総北) High School has this banner. The circle in the middle says school name, and the club name “総北高校自転車競技部” is in the bottom.

Then, take a look at the Kanji Slogan! On your left, there is “一蹴”.  And “入魂” is in right. As a matter of fact, they are one idiomatic word ”一蹴入魂(issyuunyuukon: one-kick-in-soul)” which means “Put your soul in every single kick”.

Sometimes I feel that I want to be a part of such a passionate club.


If you want to know the meanings of any Japanese kanji that you don’t see English subs for in a particular animation or live action movie, tell me “Name of the Show”, “Season and Episode #” and “the Exact Moment (Minute: Second)”! I can’t promise to reply to everyone but I’ll try my best!

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