I wrote about the card game “Shinobi Bout”, which Boruto is really into, for this Japanese kanji blog several months ago.

 My Original Article about the Shinobi Card Game in “BORUTO”

And now, I received an additional question from a Boruto viewer! Thank you very much!

I see more kanji symbols on the cards for Shinobi Bout in Ep.27 of “BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS”. What do they mean?

OK! In that episode, Boruto and friends played Shinobi Bout to cheer up Kagura. And we see way more images of cards in the playing scene.

the Meaning of Japanese Kanji Symbols on the Card Game “Shinobi Bout”

Alright then, let’s start! First scene is this.

shinobi bout Japanese kanji meaning

The cards were placed from the players around the deck, so those two cars are kind of upside down. The “+” like symbol on the red card is “(juu)”, which means “10: Ten”. The backward ugly “4” like symbol on the yellow card is “(kyuu)”, which means “9: Nine”. Yup, both of them are numbers.

When you have a card of the next number, you seem to be able to place it even if the color is different.

Here comes next scene.

shinobi bout Japanese kanji meaning

The top red card says “(go)”, which means “5: Five”.

Then, in the scene below, I can see an upside down “(roku)”, a backward-4-like “(shichi / nana)” and an upside down “(hachi)”. They mean “6: Six”, “7 Seven” and “8: Eight”.

shinobi bout Japanese kanji meaning

The kanji “八” on the card doesn’t look like one that I write in real life but I can tell it is 8. Because some kanji look very different between fonts. My hand writing is like this left one.

Japanese kanji difference between fonts
8 in 2 Different Japanese Kanji Fonts

And finally, Boruto used his purple 幻 card (to change the color that he can place I guess) and placed a light blue card. This one is NOT a number card. Just like UNO, there seem to be special order cards for each color cards. Did you notice Kagura’s turn got skipped after this card? Yes, it is SKIP card, I can tell.

shinobi bout Japanese kanji meaning

The Japanese kanji “(kyuu)” means “Rest”. One of the common idiom is 休日(“休: Rest” +”日: Day”) and that means “Day Off”.

However, when Japanese use the word “休み(yasumi)” in Board Game, that means “Skip the Turn“. Skip your next turn or skip next players turn, that depends on the rule of each game. In Shinobi Bout, it was the latter.

By the way, “4: Four” is “四(yon / shi)” in Japanese kanji. Now you know all numbers from 1 to 10!

I hope understanding this will help you to guess the rules of “Shinobi Bout!” Thank you for the question!

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