Season 3 of “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” is over! Somebody please tell me about the secret of Soma’s dad! o(@_@)o

I miss the former director of Totsuki Academy, Senzaemon.

He visited Soma and talked to him about his grand daughter Erina. Then, I believe that his kanji shirt moment was the highlight of season 3!(*´з`) That was even in the opening title. Ha ha ha!

The Secret of Seanzaemon’s Muscular Body

Japanese kanji shirt

Traditionally, people strip off their clothes when they tasted yummy foods in “Shokugeki no Soma”. So, we saw Senzaemon’s semi-nude a couple of times and we all know he has an extraordinary muscular body for an elderly person.

And that day he visited Soma’s dorm, his secret was revealed!

First, Senzaemon changed from the kimono into the kanji shirt which says “鍛錬”. …Then, he ran!  Run like crazy!! Senzaemon’s workout routine is way too much and Soma seems to be shocked.( ゚Д゚)

Senzaemon’s Japanese Kanji Shirt

Japanese kanji shirtIf you want to get this look, you need to do pull-ups twice every seconds….(-_-)

Well, let’s talk about his kanji shirt. The Japanese word “鍛錬(tanren)” means “Training” but it contains a little more special meanings.

The left part of both kanji is “金” and the kanji that related to metal usually has that left part. The word “鍛錬” also means “Forging”.

So, we use the word “鍛錬” when we train hard ourselves or somebody else to improve the physical and mental skills just like a blacksmith forging the metal.

Anyway, in Japan, I’ve never heard any people around me using the word. But I often hear it in TV shows like Anime with swordsmen or Samurai movies.


Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Guts”! Keep up the Senzaemon’s crazy workout! Tank tops are also available!

Japanese kanji shirt guts

If you want to know the meanings of any Japanese kanji that you don’t see English subs for in a particular animation or live action movie, tell me “Name of the Show”, “Season and Episode #” and “the Exact Moment (Minute: Second)”!

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