Finally, I’ll talk about Ep.504 of One Piece! This is the last one of the series! Let’s learn about the meanings of the Japanese Kanji Shirts which young Ace were wearing in the show.

If you missed the first article about “Ace’s Kanji Shirt” series, you can jump to it from this link.

 One Piece Ep.496: Ace’s Kanji Shirts Meanings

One Piece Ep.504: Ace’s Kanji Shirt #1

young Ace and kanji shirt

Ace’s Kanji Shirt #1 in episode 504 is “光線(kousen/kosen/kohsen)”. The first kanji “光” means “Light” and the second one means “Line”. So, this idiom gets translated into English like “Ray”, “Light Ray” or “Beam”.

Light? Beam? …Is it only me now that Kizaru(Borsalino) popped in the head?

Well, I don’t think this Ace’s shirt is related to Kizaru though. Simply, “Beam” is fast, cool and heroic, I guess.

One Piece Ep.504: Ace’s Kanji Shirt #2

young Ace and kanji shirt

Second kanji shirt in episode 504 is this orange tank. It says “大志 (taishi)”. This kanji word suits all 3 kids. Because it means “Ambition”.

That’s right.  “Boys, be ambitious.” quote by Dr. William Smith Clark.

Ace has a big dream and he will work hard for it….

One Piece Ep.504: Ace’s Kanji Shirt #3

young Ace and kanji shirt

It was very hard to see the Japanese Kanji Word on this red tank. But I figured that it was “本能 (honnou/honno/honnoh)”. We can glance at the first kanji a couple of times.

Anyway, “本能” means “Instinct”. Just listen to your instinct and live wild. Be honest to yourself. Something like that?

I think that’s cute and funny if kids, who enjoy their freedom, are wearing this “Instinct” shirts.

One Piece Ep.504: Ace’s Kanji Shirt #4

young Ace and kanji shirt

In this episode, we can find 4th shirt, and it is the last one of Ace’s Kanji Shirt collection Between Ep.496 and 504. However, this last orange tank is…”新薬 (shinyaku)” and I have no idea why he is wearing it.

The Japanese kanji word “新薬” means “New Medicine”. …New…medicine…? Ace is new medicine to cure the sickly rotten Goa Kingdom?


Well, that’s all! Please let me know if you see a character wearing kanji shirts in your favorite show!


Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Never Give Up” again! Be persistent and work hard for what you want to be! If Ace wears my “Never Give Up” Shirt, I guess he will pick something like this(Black Text, Tank, White).

kanji shirt men's tank white Never Give Up

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