New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll #3: Aug.16 – Sep.30, 2018 

The No.1 popular kanji in this time is… “自由 (Freedom)”!

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Thank you for voting, everybody! Whew, actually Freedom was in the second place for a moment but it got the No.1 in the end.

OK! “Freedom” will come out next in the KansaiChick Japanese Kanji Shirt Collection!

Then, the No.2 was “無敵 (Invincible)” and the No.3 was “最強 (Strongest)”. What!? Who could imagine this former No.7 would jump up to the 3nd place!? Was something “Strongest” on TV??

There are no big gaps between the No.2 and the No.3! Let’s see what will happen in next poll.

The No.4 was “反抗期 (Rebellious Phase)”, and the No.5 was “怪獣 (Kaiju)”. Both of them were the 3rd place for a moment, but they settled here at the current time.

The No.6 was “空手道 (Karate-dou)”, then the No.7 was “禁煙 (No Smoking)”. The Kanji newly added to the list is inevitably disadvantageous but I see them having great potential.

New Ideas from Voters Suggestions

By the way, fortunately I received some “other” opinions this time! Thank you for the ideas!

Fearless : It can be “恐れなし”, “不敵” or ”大胆不敵”. I think “大胆不敵” contains the best meanings for the person having nerves of steel and being fearless. I’ll add it to the list!

Determination : I may add it to the list next time. I’d like to know what kind of “Determination” that you ment. Please Email me about more details if you don’t mind! (

Bullet Club : I’m sorry! It’s the name of the professional wrestling team, so I should not use the word.

Certain Victory : (*’▽’) I already made this one! Take a look! >>>

T-shirt : “Tシャツ” is funny! However it’s not a Kanji word, so I won’t add it to the list this time, but i am not opposed to adding Japanese not consisting of kanji in the future. Thanks anyway!

 Old Polling Results

New Kanji Poll for a Japanese Shirt #4: Oct.1-Nov.15, 2018

On Going! Please vote today! (*’▽’)/

New choice is 大胆不敵 (Fearless): For people having nerves of steel and being fearless.

Which kanji shirt should come out next? (up to 3)