Japanese Kanji in Rick and Morty

Do you watch “Rick and Morty”? That is definitely one of the most popular American cartoons currently airing. I can tell because even I am familiar with the title but I don’t watch it each week.


Today I’ll answer a question from a viewer about Japanese kanji in the show! Thank you soooo much!

Question: I saw some calligraphy wall art at the sushi restaurant in “Rick and Morty”. Are they real?

Let me see…They definitely went to a Japanese Sushi restaurant. Oh, my god. This is tough one.

What do the Calligraphy art at the Sushi restaurant say in “Rick and Morty”?

First of all, some signs are readable and others are not. There are definitely unreadable ones in the background.Wether or not they are too artistic or simply gibberish, is anyone’s guess.

Japanese kanji in Rick and Morty

Hey, I can read the one in the mountain picture between Keara and Jerry. I see “嶽三十六景” and I’m sure it’s a part of “富嶽三十六景(fugaku-sanjuurokkei)” : That is one of the super famous Japanese Ukiyoe series of paintings “36 views of Mount Fuji” by Katsushika Hokusai(葛飾北斎) who is an Ukiyoe painter in Edo era.

Japanese kanji in Rick and Morty

Well, in the moment a waiter turns into an alien…from the left “心の?(I can’t read the last one)”,”知恵”,”独行道”…I can see those 3.

“心の?” is “Something (a character I can’t read) of heart”…. And ”知恵(chie)” means “wisdom”.

“独行道(Dokkoudou)” is the title of the book written by a Japanese famous sword man in Edo era, Miyamoto Musashi(宮本武蔵).

I don’t think we normally find those kanjis in real life Japanese restaurants but I’m impressed by the fact they got some real Japanese references to write on the wall art for the scene!

By the way, the image of Summer on the top of this page. I see “?は永遠” behind her. The down half of the first letter looks like the bottom of “族”.

So, I guess it says “家族は永遠”: Because if so, I am happy to say, it kind of fits “Rick and Morty”. 家族は永遠 means “Family is Forever”! This might be a cool piece of trivia for Fans.

Thank you for the interesting question!

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