The school festival is starting in “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma”! They call it “Moon Festival” in English subtitles but did you catch what they call it in Japanese??

Shokugeki no Soma Moon Festival

What is the Original Name for “Moon Festival”?

Yes. Gekkyousai “月饗祭” is the original name for Moon Festival.

If I break down this Japanese Kanji word 月饗祭(Gekkyousai), it would be like, “(getsu/tsuki: Moon)”, “(kyou/kyo: Feast)” and “(sai/matsuri: Festival)”.

“饗” is not the everyday kanji but it suits the name.

Shokugeki no Soma school

I guess the kanji “Moon(月)” came from the name of the school “遠(Totsuki)”. So, the word “Gekkyousai” means like “Totsuki Academy Food Festival”. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

And also, if it’s in fall, it’s possibly “Harvest Moon” season.

Anyway, it says 92nd…that means they started this annual event more than 90 years ago…! Wow.
Shokugeki no Soma Moon Festival

By the way, the type of school festival(学園祭: Gakuen-sai) is a very common school event in Japan. So, if you visit Japan in fall which is high season for school festival, you can check the schedule of universities or colleges in the area and take a look! (Some high schools have nice big festivals but it’s not easy for tourists to go in.)

“Moon Festival” is just a original name that Totsuki Academy calls their school festival.

Shokugeki no Soma Moon Festival

As you can see in the scene above, the guide book doesn’t say “Moon Festival” anywhere. It says “Totsuki School Festival(遠月学園祭)”.

I want to go to the Moon Festival!! …but I’ll stay on Main Avenue. The other areas are way too expensive! (but then again maybe I can splurge on trying Soma-kun’s little Chinese food cart)

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