Hello again, Samurai fans! I received a new question about the kanji on an old katana sword! (*’▽’)/ I hope I can read it this time….(@_@;)

I have just bought this Katana sword. I want to know what this kanji tells me. Can you help me out? 

meaning of kanji on the katana sword

Thank goodness! It’s clear enough for me to read!! It says 関住森俊治作. This engraving is a typical “銘(mei)”, which shows who made this katana blade.

Location Blacksmith’s Name

Whenever I received questions on katana sword, I looked up some facts and found out this typical style.

So, in this case, I can tell 森俊治 in 関 made this blade!

Where is 関 in Japan?

関(Seki) is a city in Gifu prefecture, Japan. Seki City has been well known as a sword producing area since the Kamakura period (14th century!).

While I was researching the map, I also realized there is Seki Traditional Swordsmith Museum. Please visit there if you have an opportunity.

The Blacksmith’s name in Japanese Kanji 森俊治

According to a Japanese katana specialist, 森 俊治 is pronounced as “Mori Toshiharu.” They say that Toshiharu Mori is a blacksmith who made katana swords in Showa period before World War 2. That means this blade was created around between 1926 and 1944, if it’s real.


Thank you so much for the question! Please take a good care of your samurai sword.(*’▽’)/

【Important】My translation is not a sword appraisal. It doesn’t judge whether the sword or the stamp is genuine.

Other Questions on Japanese Kanji

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samurai kanji shirt

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