I got ANOTHER question about the Japanese kanji name of the character for My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)! Thank you so much. (*’▽’)  The show seems to be very popular recently. I enjoy it, too!

What is the meaning of the kanji name “Tomura Shigaraki”?

Shigaraki! The first request of a villain is here! Do you know him? He is the guy who usually put a “corpse hand” on his face and call it “Dad”. ((((@_@;) Ha ha ha…! It’s nicely sick!

Meanings of Japanese Kanji in Anime

Meanings of “Shigaraki Tomura” in Japanese Kanji

The name “Shigaraki Tomura” looks like 死柄木 弔 in Japanese kanji. This name seems to be the Villain Name that he gave himself like Hero Names that UA kids have.

The name is very made up, but the word “Shigaraki (信楽)” is also the name of the pretty famous pottery area in Japan. So, for Japanese people, it sounds natural as a Japanese last name.

Meanings of Japanese Kanji in Anime

The first kanji of his Villain Name is “死 (shi)” which means “Death”. That suits a bad guy, doesn’t it?

The second one is “柄 (gara / e)” and it means “Pattern”. However, the meanings of this kanji include “Handle”, “Grip” and “Shank”. …Wait, is it about the “Dad”…!? ((( ゚Д゚;)  Then the 3rd kanji “木” means “Tree”.

The first name like part of his villain name “弔 (tomura)” is obviously came from the word “弔う (tomura-u)”. That word means “Mourn (for the dead)”.

Hmm, so, his villain name is like “Mourning for the Dead Hand (His Father)”…? Possibly we’ll find out the hidden purpose of his name, that shows the authors intentions eventually.

Meanings of Japanese Kanji in Anime

Shigaraki Tomura’s Real Name: Shimura Tenko

All For One revealed Tomura’s real name “Shimura Tenko (志村 転弧)”. 志村 (Shimura) is very common Japanese last name but 転弧 (Tenko) is extremely uncommon.

The kanji 志 (shi / kokorozashi) means “Will” and 村 (mura / son) is “Village”. The meanings of the Japanese kanji 転 (ten / 転がる koro-garu) include “Turn”, “Shift”, “Change”, “Roll Over” and “Fall Down” etc. And the last kanji 弧 (ko) means “Arc”.

Meanings of Japanese Kanji in Anime

Again, 転弧 (Tenko) is very very unusual name as Japanese boy. That means the author named him that way on purpose I think. If the “Collapse” quirk is given from All For One, he might have his original quirk like…”Changing Arcs”?? Sorry but I have no idea.

Let’s keep enjoying the show! Thank you again for the precious question!

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

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