Today I’ll answer another question from a follower! Yes! I got a request of the kanji name explanation.

What is the meaning of the kanji name “Izuku Midoriya”?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about him! Midoriya Izuku (緑谷 出久) is the main character of the popular Anime “My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア)”.

Other Characters’ Japanese Kanji and Secrets in “My Hero Academia”

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Meanings of kanji in Anime My Hero Academia

Meanings of “Midoriya Izuku” in Japanese Kanji

Deku’s full name is 緑谷 (Midoriya) 出久 (Izuku). Midoriya is his last name but sounds very uncommon. According to my research, the Japanese family name “緑谷” does exist in real life but is very rare.

The first kanji “緑 (midori)” means “Green” and the second one “谷 (tani / ya)” means “Valley”. So, his last name would be like “Greenvalley” if I had to give him an English version of it.

The last name doesn’t seem to be related to any quirks but his key color is green like his hair and his costume.

Meanings of kanji in Anime My Hero Academia

His first name “出久” is also very uncommon but it’s natural enough as a regular Japanese boy’s name. The kanji “出” contains meanings like “Exit” and “Come Out”. Then “久” means “Long Time”.

I’m not sure about the author’s thinking, but I guess he’ll be the legendary hero coming out after the long All Might era.

His father’s name is 久 (Hisashi) by the way. Hopefully when the author wants talk about him, we would find out new information about Deku’s first name.

Meanings of kanji in Anime My Hero Academia

 Deku is #9! Kanji and the Secret of One For All

Why is Izuku Midoriya called “Deku”?

Usually, kanji have multiple ways to be pronounced. It depends on the grammar and the word which is part of.

Anyway, the kanji “” can be…

  1. 出る (de-ru)
  2. 出る (izu-ru)
  3. 出 (shutsu) ex. 出動 (shutsu-dou)
  4. 出 (shu) ex. 出発 (shuppatsu)

The letter “” also has some variations like…

  1. 久 (Hisashi)
  2. 久しい (hisa-shii)
  3. 久 (ku) ex. 久保 (Ku-bo : Hey, that’s my family name!)
  4. 久 (kyuu) ex. 永久 (ei-kyuu)”.

So, Izuku is the combination of #2 of “出” and #3 of “久”. Now you know that technically you can pronounce the word 出久 Deku also.(#1 of 出 and #3 of 久)

Meanings of kanji in Anime My Hero Academia

Just like Kacchan (Bakugou Katsuki) said, however,  when Japanese people hear the word “deku”, a kanji idiom will pop up in their heads. That is “木偶の坊 (dekunobou)”.

The meanings of “木偶” are “Wooden Doll”, “Puppet” and “Useless Person“.  This very famous idiom “木偶の坊 (dekunobou)” also means “Useless Person”. …Anyway, it’s an insult.

Meanings of kanji in Anime My Hero Academia

However, Deku likes his nickname now because of the nice girl Ochaco (Ochako). She said the word deku sounds like the Japanese word for “頑張れ (ganbare) You can do it!”.

Do you agree with her feelings? Well, I don’t get it much… but it’s ok as long as Izuku is happy!

You can do it! (きみなら、できる! : kiminara dekiru!) Dekiru!! Dekiru…Dekru…Deku???

Meanings of Japanese Kanji

Anyway, thank you for the question again!

Other Characters’ Japanese Kanji and Secrets in “My Hero Academia”

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