Aggretsuko Japanese Kanji meanings
Aggretsuko(アグレッシブ烈子) is the anime show about the typical office worker Retsuko who loves solo Karaoke. She is a cute girl but she sings death voice song like crazy in order to kill her daily stress from the work. Awww.

Today, I’ll share a question from a Aggretsuko fan about her song!

I was wondering if you could tell me the accurate English for some images with Kanji in the Retsuko’s song.

Thank you for the question!

You provided me the decent pictures, so I explain about them one by one!(*’▽’)☆

Meaning of Kanji in Aggretsuko

“Choke on my rage!”

賃金労働者: Wage workers

Meaning of Kanji in Aggretsuko

“Lightning, grant me your vengeance!”

雷よ!願わくば!: Oh, thunder! I wish! (She is probably wishing for thunder to strike her enemy, but this image only contains the first part of the phrase.)

Meaning of Kanji in Aggretsuko

“Wanna be a blushing bride! Someday!”

翼を持たない凡人: An ordinary person without wings (I think this means “an insignificant person who has no special skill or power”.)

Meaning of Kanji in Aggretsuko

“Screw you capitalism!”

やってられるかああああ!( This is the same as “やってられるか!”): This is an ironic term that means the opposite of what is being said. So, the phrase sounds like “Can you do it” but it’s more like “Who the hell can do this ridiculous thing! I’ll quit!!”.


Well, some are very close and others are very different. However, I think that their version of translation also explains very well about her feelings.(‘ω’)ノ


Thanks again! I hope this information helps all the Aggretsuko fans!


Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Company Slave”! I must send one to Retsuko.

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