I picked the name Kansai Chick for this project. Because I’m from Kansai(関西).

Do you know where Kansai is?

Guess where Kansai is.

Maybe it’s around Kansai airport? Maybe it’s in somewhere west of Japan? Both of these answers are right!

Kansai is NOT an official region name!

Actually, Kansai is NOT an official region name! In Japan we use the word “Kansai” all the time, but nobody has the perfect answer which cities or areas belong to Kansai. Some definitions exist, but depending on who you talk to the answer varies.

Where did the word “Kansai” come from?

To explain that, I need to talk to you about Japanese regions.

regions in japan

There are 8 official regions in Japan and the biggest city which is Tokyo is in “Kanto(関東) region”.

This is Kanto.

This kanji “東” means EAST, and Kanto region is on the east side of Japan.

On the othe hand, the kanji that means WEST is this “西”. That’s why, we call areas on the west side of Japan “Kansai(関西)”.


I’m from Osaka. It’s the second biggest city in Japan and it’s also on the west side of Japan. Definitely, 100% of Japanese people will answer that Kansai includes Osaka! (When I have the opportunity to go back to Japan, I’d like to show you some fun stuff there!)