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Soy sauce is one of the most famous oriental seasoning. Anybody can buy soy sauce at regular grocery stores outside of Japan. On this page, Kansai Chick will give reviews of Japanese soy sauce that can be found at the local market.

There is also useful information and a FAQ about soy sauce in this website. If you are interested in the details such as the types and the differences or the explanations of some additives, please follow the links below.

Categories and Tastes of Soy Sauces
FAQs about Soy Sauce

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Kikkoman Soy Sauce Review

kikkoman regular soy sauce review

kikkoman regular soy sauce label

This is a regular soy sauce of Kikkoman. Kikkoman is the most well-known soy sauce company in Japan.

This soy sauce is categorized to “Koikuchi” which is the most common category of soy sauce. The flavor is nicely balanced and it’s widely useful as seasoning and for dipping.

Reasonably priced larger size of this soy sauce is available even at local markets, and I bet that’s great news for soy sauce lovers. However, soy sauce will degrade over time. Personally, I think the best one is the size that can be used within 3 months.

The additive is sodium benzoate.

Kansai Chick Recommendation Rate:
4 stars

What’s Regular Soy Sauce?
The examples of additives

Kikkoman Tamari Soy Sauce Review

kikkoman tamari soy sauce review

This is a Tamari Soy Sauce of Kikkoman. The color is darker and umami is stronger than regular soy sauce. That happens because of the ratio of the ingredients. It contains more soybeans and less wheat. To compensate for the sweetness, glucose is added to this Tamari soy sauce.

We can make nice Teriyaki with regular soy sauce, but when using Tamari soy sauce, the color comes out more beautiful. On the other hand, when making a soup with this soy sauce, the color of the soup will be very dark.

Additives are alcohol and glucose.

Kansai Chick Recommendation Rate:
3 stars

What’s Tamari Soy Sauce?
The examples of additives

Kikkoman Organic Soy Sauce Review

kikkoman organic soy sauce review

kikkoman organic soy sauce label 1

kikkoman organic soy sauce label 2

This is an organic regular soy sauce which has been imported from Japan. No additives and also all ingredients are organic.

It tastes very delicate and nice. I like this clear taste. However, the difference between this organic soy sauce and the regular soy sauce is hard to tell unless your performing a straight comparison. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the cost.

Kansai Chick Recommendation Rate:
3 stars

Does organic soy sauce taste different?
Non-GMO and Organic Ingredients of Soy Sauce

Yamasa Less Sodium Soy Sauce Review

yamasa less sodium soy sauce review

yamasa less sodium soy sauce label

This is a lower sodium soy sauce of Yamasa. Yamasa is also a well known soy sauce company in Japan. Fun fact: The container is reusable.

The additives are alcohol, vinegar and lactic acid. Lactic acid is very common additive for low sodium soy sauce. However, I personally don’t like the taste adjustment by the vinegar of this product.

Since all reduced salt soy sauce options loose some kick in flavor, manufactures try to compensate for that in their own way. That’s why, it may be a little bit hard to find the low sodium soy sauce which you might prefer the most.

Kansai Chick Recommendation Rate:
2 stars

Why does lower sodium soy sauce cost more money?
The examples of additives

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