Japanese Kanji Motivational Slogan

Boruto is taking the Chunin Exam (中忍試験) to be a middle rank ninja. The last part of the exam is battle and I notice there are so many kanji stickers on the wall of the hallway to the entrance of the arena.

The author of Boruto (Naruto) seems to like this kind of kanji decorations a lot. So, what do they say??

Japanese Kanji Motivational Slogan

They are traditional Japanese motivational slogans. Whoever designed this stadium wants to motivate fighters who is facing a serious battle.

Japanese Kanji Motivational Slogan

We can see “努力” in the picture above. The kanji idiom 努力(doryoku) means like “Pushing Yourself”, “Great Effort”, “Hard working”, or “Endeavour”.

And there is “必勝 (hisshou)” in the top image. That means “Certain Victory”. Then I also saw “根性 (konjou: Guts)” somewhere on the hallway.

Yap, all of them are very classic. However, I found one kanji that I don’t know exactly why it’s there. That is “双六” in the picture below.

What is 双六 (Sugoroku)? Why is it there?

Well, 双六 is a type of Japanese traditional board game. The first kanji 双 means “Twin”, “Double”, or “Both”. And the second one 六 means “6”.

Sugoroku players use 2 dice and the bigger numbers are better for them. That means the best number you can get is 12 (6 + 6) each turn.

That’s why, I guess the word “双六 (Double 6)” could be there to say “Do your best!”.


Ummm, doing your best is great, but cheating is not right, Boruto!

Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Certain Victory”! But again, no cheating…!

Cool Japanese Kanji Shirt Certain Victory

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