You can freeze green onion!

Have you ever allowed green onions to decay accidentally?

The best way to eat vegetable is to use it all when it’s fresh, because nutrition is lost as it gets old. But not everybody cooks everyday, so let’s freeze left over green onion! That’s definitely better than letting it rot.

Yes! You can freeze green onion!

It is very easy to make frozen green onions. Just wash, chop and freeze.

Step 1. Remove Bad Parts

remove bad parts

If there are visibly bad parts of the green onions, remove them.

Step 2. Wash and Dry

wash green onion

pat dry green onion

Wash the green onions under running water and pat them dry with paper towel gently.

Step 3. Chop Up

chop up green onion

Start chopping the green onions from the pointy green tips.


Stop before you hit the roots. Toss away the ends of roots side.

Step 4. Pack Up and Freeze

pack up green onion

Pack chopped green onions into a bag and store it in the freezer.

When you use it, just put it straight into the pot! No thawing is necessary.

No thawing is necessary.

The texture gets poor than fresh one, but frozen chopped green onions are very convenient. We can put it into soup or stir-fry quickly and save time on cooking.

I appreciate this especially in the cases when I need only a little amount, such as when making 1 serving of miso soup.

Please try this instead of wasting green onions in the fridge!